Deer Vision – Why We Lose
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Deer Vision – Why We Lose

By Wade Nolan

Oct 1, 2007 – 4:30:51 AM

Demonstration of what a deer sees when camo is NOT treated with UV-KILLER. We shined a UV light on the hunter so you can see what the UV GLOW looks like to the eyes of a whitetail. Deer avoid Blue Hunters!

At a recent outdoor writer camp attended by many seasoned outdoor professionals a new DVD was reviewed. The topic of the DVD was Deer Vision. The info contained in the new DVD rocked the room and caused the writers to set up a black light and check their camo for UV-GLOW. They were shocked to find their camo GLOWING BLUE.


White-tailed deer, elk, antelope,and even moose see differently than humans. While we see the full spectrum, ungulates (those cloven hoofed animals) see only yellow and blue. Other than the sky, the only blue in the woods is camo with UV-brighteners. Deer see us as blue ghosts. The camo pattern is not relevant if there are UV-brighteners in the base cloth.


Today all camo is made in China and they commonly add UV-dyes to the base cloth. You would be shocked to walk through a sporting goods store with a black light! Much of the camo we think conceals us, makes us shine blue to the eyes of a whitetail. If you are blue…you loose. Deer will bust you.


There is an easy way to fix the problem. Wash your camo in SPORT-WASH to open the dye sites and then treat it once with UV-KILLER. As long as you keep washing your camo in SPORT-WASH the UV-GLOW will be dead…and your be more effective. The DVD is called Whitetail Sight and Scent Strategies and it is hosted by  me, your humble, bowhunting biologist.

UV-KILLER is the only fix available for camo that has UV-brighteners…nothing else will work.

Click the following link to view the research the supports this critical new whitetail science. www.atsko.comvideopage



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