Bucking the Odor


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Bucking the Odor

By Wade Nolan – Bowhunting Biologist

Jan 11, 2009 – 6:00:57 AM


Just like clockwork the buck was drifting along walking with the wind through thick cover. He was off 50 yards and his path was not going to bring him close to my stand. He wasn’t a shooter but I decided to have some fun. Out came my Woods Wise Buck’n Doe call. www.woodswise.com The wind was blowing about 8 mph and there was a lot of cover noise. I faced him and made the call he had been hearing since he was a fawn…a contact call with its rising and dropping note. He had heard his maternal doe make that call bleat a hundred times. He stopped. Then took another step when I repeated it. This time he turned 90 degrees and came in like he was on a string…to 7 yards.

The woods Wise Buck n’ Doe call is the easiest call to master. It makes all of the basic buck grunts and doe contact and attention bleats. It is the call that lives in my bag of tricks from September to December.

As he approached I was aware that he was going to walk directly down wind…and he did. At his nearest point he was on the knob beside me and eye level. He didn’t spook but  got uneasy at such a close distance and he slowly retreated. Predictably the buck retraced his steps on the exact trail that he and approached on. I watched him for nearly 80 yards as he retraveled the safe route.

A couple things were significant tonight that may make you more effective in the whitetail woods. First don’t be afraid to call. I rely on a call that makes both buck and doe calls. I use them often and make a variety of calls. Doe bleats are safe and excellent when it comes to chatting with bucks or does. The contact call I used says “I’m over here”. That’s important when talking to a gregarious animal like a whitetail. They love company.

I wasn’t surprised when the buck drifted into my downwind scent vector and didn’t blow. I use NULLO for an internal body deodorant and I had just this morning showered and sprayed down with N-O-DOR before getting out of the shower. N-O-DOR uses a process called oxidation to chemically eliminate odors. Oxidizers combine with organic compounds and bond with organics. It has to do with that thing you learned in High School chemistry. When there is an incomplete number of electrons in the outer ring of an atom there is a tendency to bond with other compounds that will complete the bond. They are looking for completeness and the oxidizer makes the bond and causes the compound (Human Odor) to be inert. It actually converts it to an inorganic salt. Which has no odor. I even use it to brush my teeth with.

The buck didn’t smell me because he had nothing to smell….and you can’t smell nothing.

The fact that more and more serious hunters are turning to N-O-DOR is not surprising. Instead of hype with big 50-cent words like “scent molecule and activated carbon”….N-O-DOR just does the science and makes you odor free.


Greg and Mike Trumpower arrowed two beauties by suing Atsko’s N-O-DOR spray to eliminate their scent.

I recently met two avid bowhunters, at one of my seminars, from Falling Waters WV who understand the importance of using a scent elimination solution that really works. Both of these bucks had a few seasons in the woods avoiding bowhunters and arrows but N-O-DOR did them in. Greg Trumpower is the  dad while his son Mike knows all he needs to know about scent suppression. Both bucks were taken in Maryland. They are sold out users of N-O-DOR Oxidizer spray.

Once activated, N-O-DOR chemically destroys all odor molecules by the process of natural oxidation, which breaks down and changes chemical compounds into odorless, inert substances.  You are familiar with the fact that chlorine destroys odor and bacteria.  Chlorine is an oxidizer.  Oxidizers combine with organic compounds and change them to non-volatile salts.  The change is permanent and they no longer smell.  The problem with chlorine is it has its own odor, but Atsko uses an oxidizer that was developed for the food industry.  It has no odor of its own, but like chlorine it permanently destroys all odor caused by organic compounds and is safe for use on your skin, hair, clothing, and even your mouth. Hunt like you mean it. Be odor free.

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