ATSKO Replaces the Glow with a Grin
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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ATSKO Replaces the Glow with a Grin

By Wade Nolan – Bowhunting Biologist

Jan 3, 2008 – 1:35:35 PM

This Kansas hawg checked in with 172 inches of bone on his head. Paul Meeks paid attention to all of the details.

API’s Paul Meeks tips over another Hawg

I saw a familiar smile last week when I opened my email. My friend Paul Meeks was grinning from behind another Kansas mega buck. Paul took this hawg from 17-feet up in the Kansas sky from his new API Ultra Steel Deluxe Ladder stand which is deadly on whitetails. Paul contends that he took this buck after getting a number of things right. He was in the right spot, the wind was right, he was standing in a quiet rock solid treestand?plus he was not Glowin Blue.

Paul was not glowing to the eyes of that buck because last fall when Paul and I hunted together in Texas we sat in on a seminar given by Mike Jordan from ATSKO.  Mike talked about deer vision and how research at the University of Georgia had discovered that deer can see the UV-brighteners that we often have in our camo. Mike explained that the deer see the brighteners as Glowing Blue. That evening we all took our camo and held it in front of a black light to see if it contained UV-brighteners?and most did.

The next day Paul and the other hunters in camp treated their camo with UV-Killer. Paul said that he makes it mission to do everything he can to avoid detection by deer and that from now on he would always check his camo for the Blue Glow. If you plan on grinning from behind a giant like this you might want to pay attention to details too.

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