BOWTECH Patriot Dually VFT
by Dave Conrad

 Redesigned for the second straight year with a refined riser design, new camo pattern, and changes in the cams, limb pockets and hush kit. Here's how it tested.
Bowtech did not rest on its laurels from the success of last year's introduction of the Patriot Dually VFT.  This year's model sees an improvement in the riser as well as the eccentrics and limb pockets.  Bowtech has once again listened to its audience of archers to create a refined masterpiece. 

If you are not familiar with the term VFT it stands for "Vertical Force Technology".  Simply stated Bowtech defines it as "any power not converted directly into arrow speed is dispersed away from the riser, equally in opposite directions".  The dispersed power is effectively neutralized therefore reducing hand shock and recoil.  Looking at the Patriot you can see this right away from the design of the swept back limbs. 

Initial Overview and Thoughts 

Inspecting the 2004 Patriot Dually I immediately noticed the new and refined riser design and camo pattern.  Other changes include the cams, limb pockets and hush kit.  The initial draw cycle informed me that the valley was short and similar to last year's model.  When coming to full draw you will experience a hard back wall, just as you would expect in a two cam design. 


The Patriots riser has been redesigned for the second straight year.  The first detail that caught my eye from the machined 6061 T6 aluminum is the riser cutouts.  Each individual section of riser cutouts, top, middle and bottom has been dressed up to include a surrounding beveled plane.  The tapered angles that transition each section have also been rounded.  These improved features present a flowing design which enhances the risers appeal. 

The arrow shelf for 2004 has been widened to include a lip.  With the popularity of drop away rests the lip is a feature well taken.  It aids in any arrow that may want to wander off the shelf during the draw cycle.

The width has been increased slightly to enhance strength throughout.  It incorporates a double threaded insert design to accept any arrow rest.  This allows for a multitude of rest designs as well as aiding with positioning and securing of the rest.

The handle as noted earlier is a wood laminate multicolor design.  It incorporates the laser etched Bowtech name.  A narrow throat favors a person with a low wrist grip, like me.  The stabilizer mounts can be found on the front as well as the backside of the riser.  This allows each archer to achieve their own custom feel.  For myself I favor the bows balanced 3 lb. 11 oz. weight and believe no stabilizer is necessary.

The reflexed design of the riser still allows for a generous 7 5/8" brace height.  With this high of a brace height I am still amazed at the IBO speed of 334 fps.  The birth certificate that is supplied with every Bowtech model states my Dually registered 320 fps at 29" and a little over 70 pound pull.

Bowtech has equipped the 2004 Patriot with a pivoting limb pocket.    The machined pocket pivots as the poundage is increased or decreased over 10 pound range allowing the limbs to maintain optimal performance.  A must for keeping sights, rest and bow aligned throughout preseason preparation.


The Patriot integrates the high performance of a dual cam draw cycle.   The draw cycle has been improved with a new cam incorporating a rounder design as well as ball bearings.  The rollover is smoother and an improvement over last year's model. The valley is short and the back wall solid which seem to be a trademark of all Bowtech's dual cam bows.  The dual cam utilizes a modular design and can be adjusted to draw lengths from 26 to 31 inches.  This is a one inch increase over the high end scale from last year's model (25-30).  Individual modules adjust draw lengths and are available in half inch and one inch increments. 

Bowtech continues to use Gordon's "power Tuff" 14.5 inch compressed molded glass/resin limbs.  The limbs combined with the new cams and limb pockets are the secret behind the VFT technology.  This technology generates excellent arrow velocities while providing smoothness throughout the draw cycle and release. 

Bowtech utilizes TS1 Brownwell material for manufacturing its stings.  This material has very little stretch characteristics and the bow seems to generate a little more speed after it settles in (initial 100-150 shots).

The Bowtech Hush Kit for 2004 has undergone some radical design changes.  The string silencers have taken on different look with five curled "spider legs" replacing the previous four post "X" design.  Someone mention that it looks like the insert tabs used on old "45" records.  I vaguely remember those.  The Limb suppressors have gone from a solid rectangle design to include the same "spider leg" design. 


Tests were performed on a 20 to 30 yard indoor range which included a chronograph.  The bow was tested at 71 lbs. utilizing a 28.75" Easton ACC 360 arrow weighing in at 410 grains. 

The Patriot was immediately outfitted for shooting and off to the chrono I went.  With the string nock replaced with a loop and TM style rest installed, the Dually propelled the first arrow at 297 fps.  Two more followed with the exact same speed. 

The chronograph test followed with many draw cycles to test the back wall, letoff and creep.  The draw cycle starts off smooth and continues throughout thanks to the new and improved cams.  The poundage comes up quickly and is maintained throughout until it peaks and lets off in the very short valley. As mentioned earlier the back wall is very solid and the letoff measures 65% making it, non asterisk, Pope and Young acceptable.   The creep, I like to say, is virtually non existent.  If you have any bad habits with creeping this bow will surely cure them.  Upon release you would think that the bow would want to spring from your hands with all the harnessed energy.  Instead upon release the bow settles into your hand with no noticeable hand shock or torque.  Compared to last years bow there is a comparable difference with a definite improvement.

The improvements over the 2003 model have heightened my performance as a shooter.  The 2004 Patriot Dually is a genuine refined package and even more so enjoyable to shoot.  As you recall from last years evaluation Patriot Dually was my bow of choice throughout the fall on many hunts.  I can say that this year's Dually will duplicate that pattern.  I just hope that the two 150 plus class monsters that I had in my sights last year make it through my shooting lane before shooting light fades or decides not to chase a hot doe through them.  But that is a whole different story! 

Design 9.9 out of 10
Last year in my evaluation I stated the '03 model was about as close to perfect as you can get.  With the changes made I feel this bow is better and therefore deserve as near to perfect as possible.  Bowtech once again listened to the realm of archers shooting their bows and acted.  The new cam and limb pocket design make this one of the smoothest bows I have handled so far this year or ever for that matter.  The flat trajectories are noted by the small pin gaps within my sight. 

Quality 9 out of 10
The new design of the machined riser and limb pockets are flawless. The new Mossy Oak Camouflage looks great and the only thing keeping it from near perfect is a couple small bubbles found along the outsides of both limbs. 

Final Remarks
Bowtech continues to improve on its designs and features.  As stressed several times throughout this evaluation, the company continues to listen to archers input in order to improve designs.  I can hardly wait to see what is in store for 2005!
The 2004 Patriot Dually incorporates the following features:


  • Brace Height:  7 5/8": High brace height transforms into smooth releases
  • Peak Draw Weights: 50, 60, 70.   This evaluation covers the 70 lb. model
  • Draw Length: 26 to 31. Mine was perfect at 29"
  • Axle to Axle Length:  35 1/8".   An all around length for any hunting situation
  • Let Off: 65%:  No asterisk for P&Y
  • Mass Weight: 3 lbs 11 oz.. Under the magical 4 pound limit I like
  • IBO Speed Rating: 326 to 334 fps. Puts it above other bows in its class
  • Finish:  Mossy Oak Obsession.  Blends into any environment
90554 Highway 99 North
Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 541-284-4711 or 888-689-1289
Fax: 541-284-4712 

90554 Highway 99 North
Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 541-284-4711 or 888-689-1289
Fax: 541-284-4712 


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