by Dave Conrad
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If you could define the ultimate bow, what would contribute to its success?  I believe it has to have the right mixture of maneuverability, lightweight, fairly quick and comfortable.  Forge Bow Company has hit the mark combining these features plus a few more in its new 2002 'PF 34'. 

Weighing in at a little over three and one-half pounds enables it to be carried all day through lengthy hunts and stalks.  Combine this with either a 34 or 36 inch axle to axle compact length and you have a very maneuverable bow.  The 'PF 34' allows you to move freely whether sitting on the ground or a cramped treestand.  How many times while following your quarry at full draw has your bow limb hit an unsuspected limb ruining your hunt?

The reflex designed riser is precision-machined from solid aluminum and dipped in Advantage Timber making it very appealing to the eye.  Cutouts are symmetrically placed to aid in alleviating extra weight and balance.  The narrow throat coupled with a semi-soft anti-vib grip feels very comfortable for my low wrist handhold.  The comfortable grip ensures a snug fit and ensures that your hand returns to the same position shot after shot.  Another feature I really appreciate of the riser is the long site window.  On many of today's short bows the sight window isn't long enough to accommodate the variety of extended sites.  With the 'PF 34' you should have no problem in choosing a site no matter how far it extends from the riser.  The bow also features a wider rest cutout design allowing the user to choose rests for shooting a wide array of arrows including the fattest aluminum on the market. Standard AMO screw-sets allow for easy attachments of all accessories including sites, rests, quivers and stabilizers. 

The 'PF 34' is a single cam design bow available in 65 or 80 percent letoff with two draw weights, 45-55 and 55-65.  Draw lengths of 26 to 31 inches are available depending on the cam module chosen.   The wide track idler wheel combined with the Forge perimeter mass cam, ample 7.5-inch brace height and swept-back limbs come to full draw with a very smooth transition.  Coming up to full poundage rather quickly before letting off into a very solid back wall completes the transition.  This allows for virtually no creep, which I believe, is crucial in an accurate bow.  When the release is touched off the 8125 string and cables immediately spring the arrow to life and on its way thanks to the 300 fps IBO rating.  As the arrow accelerates, the single cam design coupled with the limbs and precision limb pockets virtually eliminates hand shock, truly making this a shooters bow. 

As noted above the Limbs are of swept-back design allowing a moderate brace height of 7.5 inches.  This length allows for good speed while giving this bow true shootability and virtually no hand shock.  They are 1.5 inches wide and the last five inches are thicker to accommodate the axle for the cams.  They are secured to the riser using two machined aluminum pockets.  Two different lengths are available which give it the overall 34 or 36-inch length as well as the 45/60 or 55/70 draw weight range. 

The 'PF 34' combines the comfort, speed and accuracy into a bow that is a pleasure to shoot and carry all day. This bow, just like all others in the Forge line, carries a full lifetime warranty on the riser, limb pockets, limgs and eccentrics. Forge bows are manufactured in a state known for its large bucks, Wisconsin, and can be reached at www.forgebow.com or 414-732-7400.

Design - 4 of 5 
The lightweight design coupled with the moderate brace height of 7.5" and comfortable grip truly make this one of the top 10 bows in the market.  The 'PF 34' and 'PF 36' also now feature an integrated upper cable guard.

Value - 4 of 5 
A list price of $529.00 puts this bow into the upper price range but, it is still a deal when compared to others in the class costing hundreds more. 

Camouflage - 4.5 of 5 
The 'PF 34' is fitted in one of today's most impressive camouflage, Advantage Timber.  The dipped finish is among the best I have seen in the industry.  An anodized finish would make this the perfect five but would also drive up the price. Beginning in 2002 the cam and idler may also be ordered with optional camouflage.

Shootability - 4.5 of 5
I equipped the 'PF 34' with a string loop, sight and rest, checked for centershot and nocking point and began shooting.  After a few arrows the bow was tuned and shooting flawlessly.  At forty yards my first two arrows were touching with a third real close.   The bow was noticeably light after adding the necessary accessories.   A stabilizer was not really necessary as handshock/recoil was a non-factor. One other option target archers may find useful on both the 'PF 34' and 'PF 36' is the addition of the 'Winners Choice' String.

For more information on Forge Bow:
Visit the Forge Bow Company, Inc. web site at www.ForgeBow.com or phone 1-414-732-7400.

For more information on Forge Bow:
Visit the Forge Bow Company, Inc. web site at www.ForgeBow.com or phone 1-414-732-7400.

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