The BOWTECH Patriot

 "A true winner for any experienced hunter. From my over 25 years of bowhunting I believe the Patriot to be one of the best available on the market today!"

by Dave Conrad

BowTech is a fairly new name to the bowhunting community, but behind the name is a very solid knowledge base.  This knowledge base includes licensing of Cam Technology to other bow manufacturers even before Bowtech entered the market in 1999.

From its infancy Bowtech has been known for the speed, yet shootability of its bows.  This year is no different with the announcement of the Patriot that combines the speed of the Infinity Cam and smoothness of Vertical Force Technology (VFT). VFT is a limb design that transfers energy vertically thereby eliminating vibration associated with a more upright limb design.  Energy is equally applied along both limbs in opposite directions, which virtually eliminates recoil and hand shock from the riser. 

Let's now take a closer look at Bowtech's newest bow:


Camouflaged in Realtree Advantage Timber the Patriot should have no problem blending in with any bowhunter's environment.  The quality of the machined aluminum riser is shown throughout in the curves and many precisely placed cutouts used to reduce weight and add rigidity.  The site window, although somewhat narrow, is long enough to accommodate any extended site. The shelf and AMO cutouts on the riser allow for any rest type, whether it be drop-away, prong style or shoot through.  

I like the fact that the Patriot uses a two plunge holes for the rest.  This makes it not only easier to install and level but ensures a rock solid, secure fit.  The carbon cable guard is integrated and located above the shelf giving it a centered position in the riser.  This design combined with a Teflon cable slide allows for a smooth draw as well as giving adequate clearance for any size and type of fletching.  

The admirable walnut grip is laser etched with the Bowtech name.  The throat is as close to perfect as they come without being custom.  It may be just a little larger than I prefer for my low-wrist grip.  However the heel of the grip fits nicely into my lower palm.  The placement for a stabilizer is a little lower than I am accustomed to.  I prefer it just below the grip as to incorporate a solid wrist strap. However after shooting the Patriot I am confident that I can do away with the sling.  The VFT seems to eliminate any hand shock or jump known to many speed bows.  The Patriot also incorporates a second accessory screw in the lower backside area of the riser for counter balancing stabilizers. 


The infinity cam is a unique adjustable cam in which you can change not only your draw length but adjust the bows poundage letoff as well.  Individual modules can be changed within the infinity cam to achieve the correct draw length.   Modules can be changed easily and without the use of a bow press.  To change, simple remove two hex screws, replace the module and reinsert the hex screws.  To fine-tune the length and letoff an adjustable post is moved along a machined slot within the infinity cam.  The machined slot allows for small incremental adjustments to draw lengths so you are not limited to preset adjustments as in competitors cams, hence the name infinity.  The post, as the bow is drawn, comes in contact with the lower limb stopping it.  This not only gives you an exact stopping point but also achieves a precise wall and anchor point, which in turn ensures accuracy.  

Limb Pockets 

Machined aluminum limb pockets support the Gordon glass limbs swept back to utilize the VFT technology.  The Patriot also uses Sandtrap technology within the pockets, in addition to VFT, to become one of the quietest bows on the market.  Bowtech researched many vibration dampening materials and found that nothing works better than sand.  All this combined with the precision limb bolts and tight tolerances securely hold the limbs in place throughout the 10-lb adjustable range.


Bowtech uses one of the finest bowstrings in the world today.  Winners Choice Custom Bowstrings are pre-stretched to ensure proper length and proper peep sight alignment.  Many of today's top archers use Winners Choice exclusively.  Bowtech uses these strings on most of their other bows as well.  This commitment to quality is just one of many that I have found which makes Bowtech unique to the marketplace. 

Additional Features

The Patriots moderate reflex design coupled with the Infinity cam and powerful Gordon limbs propels an arrow in the range of 312 to 320 feet per second by Bowtech specifications.  This design combined with a generous 7.25" and the VFT technology makes the Patriot a true pleasure to shoot.  Furthermore, what is unique about Bowtech is that each bow is test fired at the factory.  If a bow for any reason doesn't perform or pass the Bowtech specifications, it doesn't ship.  Mine came adjusted to fit my 29-inch draw length and measured 305 feet per second at 70 lbs through the chrono with a 350-grain arrow.  

The Patriot shipped to me came with "Vibrablock" and Hush kit accessories.  These were attached to each limb, cable slide and at each end of the string close to the eccentrics.  The Vibrablocks fit over the lower end of the limbs to help reduce shock and vibration. Unlike other suppressant material the bow must be put in a vise and eccentrics removed in order for the Vibrablocks to be slipped over and attached to the limb.  This ensures they stay in place and will not fall off or need to be reattached with sticky glues or tape.  Once attached I believe they should never wear out.  The Hush kit includes string silencers and cable muffler to further reduce any vibration in the string that may be transferred to the cable slide. 

Camo 4 of 5
The Patriot finish is base coated then double dipped in Realtree Advantage Timber which adequately covers not only the riser but extends to the limb pockets and limbs.  Bowtech does a great job of camouflaging the essential parts of the bow so that no glare becomes a factor.
Design/Quality 5 of 5
For a bow manufacturer that has just started marketing bows within the last 5 years, Bowtech has designed a true gold medal bow.  Quality is shown throughout the Patriot from the smooth lines and cutout of the riser to the sweptback limb technology of VFT.  The performance of this bow is second to none when you combine it's speed, technological features and shootability. 

Grip 4 of 5
I feel the only way to achieve a comfortable grip is to have one custom made.  With so many different types of shooters on the market it is hard for any bow manufacturer to deliver one that will satisfy any one person.  I do however feel Bowtech has made a strong attempt to try and satisfy all type of shooters with this grip.  The heel of the grip does fit nicely into the lower palm of my hand.  I prefer a smaller throat and feel it would help me secure a better grip on every draw. 

Shootability 5 of 5   
With speeds over 310 fps from a bow with an axle to axle length of just over 33 inches you would expect a great deal of hand shock and/or vibration.  The moderate brace height of over 7 inches combined with the VFT and sandtrap pocket technology makes this bow a pure joy to shoot.  At a little over four pounds the bow is a little towards the heavy end when compared to others in its class.  This can be overlooked in my book because I feel there is no need for a stabilizer with this trophy of a bow. 

In conclusion you can acquire from the evaluation that I thought this bow to be a true winner for any experienced hunter.  From my over 25 years of bowhunting I believe the Patriot to be one of the best available on the market today.  Combine this with a generous lifetime warranty and you can't go wrong.  I believe Bowtech, even though a young company, with its new ideas and technology is a serious commitment to the ever changing archery market. 



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