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March 27, 2002 Wednesday (last update at 12:01am Wednesday CST)

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Robert Hoague 

Online Bowhunts
The 2002 Wild Hog Bowhunt In Progress
Here is an action wallpaper as the hogs get in my shooting zone (1024x768), (800x600) or (640x480).

Join me via pictures and daily updates on this year's wild hog bowhunt in progress. More ...

Here Is The 2001 Deer Hunt With Pics  GO
5 Months Of Scouting Pays Off

The 10-point didn't show opening morning but he walked into my area an hour before sunset. An unexpected interferance kept me from getting a shot. The next morning I only saw one deer. That afternoon was a carbon copy of the day before. I knew I was running out of chances so I changed tactics. Here's what happened.GO
Here are pictures of the buck and me that will fill up your computer screen: (1024x768), (800x600), (640x480). 
If you missed the pictures and logs of the scouting I did for this buck and pictures of him and other bucks and deer Click Here.
Hunting With Your Free Satellite Map !!!
You're just 3 clicks away from looking at a free, online satellite map of your hunting area.
These are the cool people who are a part of bowhunting on the internet and I thank each and every one for it. Enjoy.
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BEAR HUNT - Bowhunting with Fred Lutger in Ontario
14 bears were taken by 15 hunters on this super successful Fall black bear hunt. Lots of pictures. GO

Texas-S Wild Hog Hunt 
This fast paced wild hog bowhunt got over 90,000 hits as it came down. Join Rick Philippi and me as we spot and stalk the wild hogs of the Texas S Bowhunting Ranch. It's a tough way to hunt them, and, as we get a reminder of, it's the most dangerous. GO

Cyber Bowhunt
An ongoing series of virtual bowhunts.
Let's Go Javelina Hunting.
A virtual bowhunt in a real situation. How will you do?

Wild Hogs - Shanna's Deer Pics!
Mar 25 Monday Afternoon)
My friend Shanna, who has never hunted before, came over to wild hog hunt. There are two tripods in the Hammer Hole that are close together and we each got in one. Before long I saw a deer's legs moving in the brush and I quickly looked toward Shanna to signal her so she could take pictures. She already had her camera in action. She first saw the deer when it was 15 yards behind me (I hadn't seen it yet) and she got its pic. She kept on as the deer came out of the brush onto the woods road and walked toward us. Then another deer joined it. Here are 6 pics she took, beginning with the deer behind me. Later we heard wild hogs fighting a couple hundred yards away but none came to us. On March 22 I got another boar. Here is the story and pics in the 2002 Wild Hog Bowhunting
When Do The Bucks Start Growing Antlers?
Here is the first Buck of 2002, walking down the trail .. to me and to you. Enjoy. To Scouting 2002 & The Deer Pics...
Here's the 2001 Deerhunt & Pictures
Scouting for 2001, scouting logs and hundreds of pre-season deer pictures. GO
Today on Bowhunting.Net
Joella Bates Gets Cape Buffalo In Africa
World Class 3-D Pro Joella Bates becomes the first woman to take a Cape Buffalo with modern archery equipment. Here's the story...
11 Reasons Why MAGNOCK Is The Best Arrow Nock System Ever Designed - Better accuracy, more penetration, quieter release, no bowstring wear, better aerodynamics & 7 more reasons that make shooting better.
Bowhunter Brenda Valentine Becomes Spokesperson  For Women in the Outdoors Program - Brenda has joined US Olympic Gold Medallist Nancy Johnson and country music entertainer Irlene Mandrell as a national spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Women in the Outdoors program.
More News & Articles For March
A Non-Hunter, Non Gun Person, Talks About Calvin Ross and Ted Nugent - David Anderson of the Clifton Record newspaper shares his opinion of rock musicians Calvin Ross and the Nuge. 
Amy Pray Benefit-4-Kids Archery Shoot & Outdoor Weekend - Benefit4Kids's mission is to involve today's children in outdoor activities. It also works closely with injured and ill children. The 5th annual event includes archery, camping, outdoor cooking, hiking, nature and many other outdoor activities.
NEW: ARIZONA E-Z FLETCH Makes Carbon Arrows Your Way - Fletch a dozen arrows, wood, aluminum and now carbon, exactly the way you want, in less than 30 minutes. EZ Fletch fletches 3 or 4 vanes (or feathers) at the same time. You don't have to depend on someone else to do it, and you save money.
NEWS: DARTON FURY EXPRESS - Speed Plus Smooth and Forgiving - Knowledgeable archers/bowhunters have come around to wanting bows that are fast but also smooth and forgiving to shoot. Enter the new FURY ‘EXPRESS’ from DARTON.
NEWS: ROCKY MOUNTAIN SNYPER Sets New Standards For Expandable Broadheads - The new ‘SNYPER’ is a super tough, two-blade broadhead that starts with a traditional, razor sharp blade insert tip that slices on impact!
List Your Clubs Shoots & Events, FREE
The Internet's interactive list of 3-D Shoots, Archery Tournaments & Club/Association Events. To enter your club's 2002 events Click Here. To view the list, beginning with this week, Click Here
1,200 Students Attend Outdoor Show Just For Them
North Carolina’s inner-city children learned the value of wildlife conservation and the fun that can be found in the outdoors during the NWTF’s 26th Annual Convention and Sport Show.
Archery Shoot, Barbecue, Auction To Honor The Memory Of Levi Baur - The first Levi Baur Memorial Archery Shoot is in Crawford, TX on Saturday & Sunday, March 23-24. The event features a 3D archery shoot, barbecue dinner, live and silent auctions, a raffle, and more. The event, which features renowned rocker/hunter/wildlife manager Ted Nugent, is being held in honor of Baur, the nine-year-old Crawford youth who drowned tragically while on a hunting trip with his father.
Wild Turkey Field Reporters Wanted
You are welcome to participate as a Field Reporter and enter data in the Wild Turkey Hunting Network data base. The more the merrier. It's easy and fast and you'll help out other turkey hunters
Wild Turkey National Calling Champions For 2002
Jim Pollard of Corning, N.Y., was crowned the greatest turkey caller in the world. Michael Gault sure is one amazing kid. At the NWTF Grand National Calling Championships. Senior winners and Junior winners.
2002 NWTF Convention and Sport Show Attracts 22,000
More than 22,000 people walked the exhibit hall floor, participated in outdoor and hunting seminars, watched the world’s greatest turkey callers in the Grand National Calling Championships and enjoyed first-class entertainment by celebrities and experts from the outdoor industry.
NEW PRODUCT: Spot-Hogg's BAREBONES, The Toughest Bow Site On The Block! - "one sturdy, well made bow sight that was designed and manufactured to take everything even the most rugged, careless, forgetful, tough on equipment, throw your bow down a mountain, bowhunter will ever give it."
NEW PRODUCT: Golden Key-Futura's MINI-TRANQUILIZER Stabilizer Takes The Shock Out Of Your Shots - Control, accuracy, comfort and high performance for the bowhunter of 2002!
NEW PRODUCT: MORRELL’S Humungo Target Puts The Stop On Broadheads - The HUMUNGO is a great target for the bowhunter, made of the finest materials for long life yet is economically priced so everyone can afford to have the best!
EVALUATION: MAGNOCK Arrow Nocking System, by Dave Conrad - "The Magnock has revolutionized the method of attaching the arrow to the bowstring. The Magnock will definitely tighten your groups and make you a more accurate shooter."
Dan & Guy Fitzgerald's Hogin' Na' Doggin' Russian & Razorback Hog Hunting Rendezvous for 2002. Here' the dates and low down on the event.
NIKON Announces Upgrade Of MONARCH ATB Binocular
Nikon completely redesigns its popular Monarch ATB (All Terrain Binocular) with the hunter in mind.
We Have A Winner In Our February 2002 Sweeps ...
The sweeps has been claimed. See the February winners page for details.
Dara Dawn Fenhaus Memorial Tournament In 2002
 Support for our children with cancer. Over $20,000 has been donated to the Circle of Hope. Here is all the info on the 9th Annual Pikes Peak Traditional 3-D Tournament & Rendezvous.
EVALUATION: TrailTimer PhotoHunter Game Monitor, by Jon E. Silks - "Simple, fun, and exciting. Every trip to collect film held all of the excitement that I used to feel as a kid on Christmas Eve. It is the next best thing to actually hunting!" 
EVALUATION: Forge Bow PF 34, by Dave Conrad
"The right mixture of maneuverability, light weight, speed and it's comfortable to shoot. Forge Bow has hit the mark combining these features plus a few more in its new 2002 'PF 34'."
Find The Deer #19 
As the afternoon sun gets lower and the sunlight reaches into the woods. You notice movement on the edge of the woodsline. Can you find the deer? (And how many are there?). (1024x768) (800x600) (640x480) Plus, More Find The Deer.
BEST BY REQUEST III, Dan & Guy Fitzgerald's New Video
7 full length hunts as they actually happen, plus many other outtakes from a variety of different Team Fitzgerald videos!
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NEW and Unique Horizon Bow
Great for turkey and treestand hunting, Horizon Bow gives bowhunters a distinctly NEW and UNIQUE METHOD of gripping and shooting an archery bow for greater comfort and maneuverability. Convert your bow to the Horizon Bow method and you'll be looking to the HORIZON for your next trophy!
EVALUATION: Beman Carbonmetal Matrix Arrows, by Jon E. Silks - "Early on I noticed what seemed to be an increase in accuracy while shooting the Matrix shafts over my previous all carbon shafts. To be sure, I performed a side by side grouping test between the two types. This is where the Beman shafts grabbed my attention!"
NIKON Upgrades Of MONARCH ATB Binocular For Hunters
For 2002 Nikon has redesined its popular Monarch ATB (All Terain Binocular) with the hunter in mind. Ruggedly constructed for true waterproof, fogproof and shockproof performance. Ergonomic styling and a firm grip, wet or dry. Available in 8 & 10 power.
NEWS - AccuRest Bow Company For Sale
AccuRest Incorporated is looking to be acquired. Please contact Jeff Anderson at AccuRest, Inc., PO Box 566, Wauconda, IL 60084 or call 847-487-0636 or Email
PSE for 2002
The new 2002 bows: Mach-11, Nitro, Enforcer, Dakota, Apache, Outlaw & more. PSE's innovative new archery accessories. King Sports line. User friendly web site. Bowhunting articles by PSE advisory staff. 2002 Online Product Catalog, Gift Shop, and Dealer search.
2002 Fall Bear Hunt With Fred Lutger's Wilderness Bowhunts - Dates & prices for Fred's Ontario bearhunt, and what the bowhunt includes are now posted. The 2001 bear hunt went 14 bears for 15 hunters and was covered online at 2001 Bearhunt.
EVALUATION - Xtreme Scents Game Lures by Jon E. Silks
"Until I see deer react favorably to it, I am not sold. The folks at Xtreme Scents have introduced a line of all natural food lures that has met my criteria - it attracts deer! How do I know? Testing, testing and more testing!." 
NETAA February Newsletter - $6,000 money shoot & free moose hunt - Information about the $6,000.00 Grand Championship Award which includes a free 1x1 fully guided trophy moose hunt."
Through The Eyes Of A Young Hunter, by Randy Oitker
Introducing a cool new column from the well known 15 year old bowhunter and archer, Randy Oitker. Randy's debut article deals with predator problems, Coyotes Vs Deer.
NEWS - DAN & GUY FITZGERALD: Seminars At MUCC Show & MIssouri Deer Classic. - Dan & Guy Fitzgerald will conduct a seminar at the MUCC show in Novi, MI Wednesday night, February 27 at 7:00 p.m. One hour prior to and following the seminar they will sign autographs, tak photos, and show their new products. Dan & Guy will also be at the Missouri Deer Classic at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Columbia, MO on March 2 & 3.
When Women Hunt - 100 Days To Bear Camp, by Linda K. Burch - Linda and Deb have a self made bear hunt in Minnesota, from setting the stand, lugging their own bait, and hunting -- successfully -- for a black bear. 
A Tip For Fast  Bow Shooters, by Randy Ulmer
If you shoot a fast bow you must learn to deal with the problems associated with vibration and shock. This stress can cause bolts to come loose, cables and strings to stretch and axles to bend. Here's a procedure to minimize these problems

Whitetail hunting and information, AMO Archery Trade Show coverage, bowhunting & archery articles, field evaluations, news about our industry and more.
Whitetail hunting and information, AMO Archery Trade Show coverage, bowhunting & archery articles, field evaluations, news about our industry and more.
Whitetail hunting and information, bowhunting & archery articles, field evaluations, news about our industry and more.
Whitetail hunting and information, bowhunting & archery articles, field evaluations, news about our industry and more.
October Was A Bowhunting Event On
Whitetail bow season logs & pictures. News, bowhunting articles, evaluations, new bowhunting products, and more. 
September Was A Powerhouse Month On
Online scouting & deer pictures in preparation for the 2001 bow season. The News, hunts, events & articles in August 2001
August Was A Super Month On
Online scouting with lots of deer pictures taken this month. The News, Hunts, Events & the Articles in August 2001
July Was A Busy Month On
Online scouting with lots of deer pictures taken in July. The News, the Events & the Articles in July 2001
June Was A Busy Month On
Online scouting with lots of deer pictures taken in June. The News, the Events & the Articles in June 2001
May Was A Busy Month On
Online scouting & pics as the bucks start growning their antlers (Pics). The News, the Events & the Articles in May 2001

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