BowTech Black Knight 2

Blazing Speed of the Black Knight 2 Accompanied By
New User-Friendly Improvements that make it the bow for every archer. 
BowTech  ( is taking the next step in its ongoing efforts to improve the very best bows in the marketplace, and its latest endeavor is no exception. Already established as the fastest bow in the world, the Black Knight 2 for 2002 is being released with design improvements that make it the bow for any archer.

The Black Knight's patented dual cam technology continues its leadership in the speed category reaching IBO speeds of 350 fps. Improvements to the cams and modules for 2002 have created an easier draw curve and smoother breakover. And now, with the longer Pro Series riser, the axle to axle length has been extended to 37.5", and shooters have the choice of two higher brace heights: 5.625" and 6.625". The results -- the Black Knight 2 is a much more forgiving bow that doesn't sacrifice any speed.

"Speed and forgiveness were like water and oil -- you could never mix the two," says Gene Shands, BowTech Marketing Director. "That's history! In the past, the Black Knight had been a love-hate relationship. You either loved it or it was too aggressive. That's no longer the case. Bowhunters will be impressed with the speed and shootability of the new Black Knight, and they'll enjoy the experience.

BowTech (, the manufacturer and distributor of the world's fastest bows, was founded in 1999 by co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, John Strasheim, and by the Vice President of Research & Development, co-founder, Kevin Strother.  BowTech continues to be the fastest growing bow company in history.  The company holds patents on the world's fastest single, dual, and three cam bows, along with the patent-pending SandTrap Technology. Each is a BowTech original.


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