T.R. Michels

An outdoor writer and seminar speaker since 1989, T.R. Michels has been called, “The most versatile hunting seminar speaker in North America.” He is nationally recognized for his action-packed, informative seminars based on his experience as a wildlife researcher and professional guide. He spent seven years studying white-tailed deer, four years on turkey, three years on elk and four years on ducks and geese.

He has been published in the American Hunter, Turkey Call, Petersen’s Bowhunting, Bow & Arrow Hunting, Buckmasters, Fur-Fish-Game and several regional and state publications and authored several books, including The Complete Whitetail Addict’s Manual, Elk Addict’s Manual, Duck & Goose Addict’s Manual and Turkey Addict’s Manual. In addition to bowhunting.net he writes for 57 internet websites, and conducts on-line hunting seminars on 44 hunting talk forums . T.R. is also owns the highly ranked Trinity Mountain Outdoors web site at TRMichels.com, which hosts his hunting articles and tips in the Trinity Mountain Outdoors Magazine, his “T.R’s Hunting Tips” and the “T.R’s Hunting Tips” message board and talk forum, and his wildlife viewing and photography tips in the Trinity Mountain Outdoor Adventures Natural History and Travel Magazine. T.R. and his daughter Tawnya are also accomplished natural history photographers, spending much of their time photographing natural /scenic landscapes, birds, mammals, sunrise/sunset, wildflower and inspirational scenes. Through Trinity Mountain Outdoor Photography they offer wildlife/bird, scenic, wildflower and inspirational photos, calendars, post cards and note cards.

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