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Tink Jackson is a natural resource manager for New Mexico and a political science professor at a state university. He was born and raised in southwestern New Mexico and began shooting at 4, hunting at 9. Tink holds the SCI New Mexico state record archery Coues Whitetail Deer (#8 All-Time), the pending SCI #7 and #8 archery non-typical Desert Mule Deer and a New Mexico free ranging archery Gemsbok that is the SCI #2 in the world. He also excels in competitive events.

Tink is a well known in the south where he conducts archery and hunting seminars at outdoor expos, pro shops, and sporting goods stores. He also assists hunters with hunts in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado and is an Official Measurer for Safari Club International.

Tink  is on ProStaff for Bear Archery, Trophy Ridge, Montana Decoys, Sitka, Gold Tip Arrows, VPA Broadheads, Horn Hunter Packs, Tarantula Archery Products, Sportsman’s Outdoor Products and Burnham Brothers Calls.

Tink and his supportive wife Yolanda live in southern New Mexico, which provides a lot of diverse opportunities to field evaluate gear. From timberline to the heat baked Sonora desert, gear is exposed to every type of hunting scenario imaginable. If the climate, the animals or the geography have an affect on a product, his reviews will find it.”

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 To All  Articles By Tink Jackson