Ryan Litwin


With 10 years as a Professional Rodeo Clown and Entertainer by trade Ryan “Rocket Ryan” Litwin, spends an average of 160 days a year on the road entertaining PBR and Pro Rodeo fans around the world. The remainder of Ryan’s year is spent in the outdoors. A lifelong hunter and professional hunting guide, Ryan makes his home in Bozeman, MT and College Station, TX. He is also a member of Team Hardcore with Hardcore Hunting TV  on the Pursuit Channel. Ryan’s been involved in outdoor television and web content production for 5 years and when not in the Rodeo Arena spends more than 120 days a year hunting, guiding and videoing all over the country. Hunting is a lifestyle and something Ryan is obsessive about. It’s not simply what he does, it’s more a part of who he is. His success as one of the top Rodeo Entertainers in the world along with his passion for hunting puts Rocket Ryan in a unique position to reach the market needed to help the sport of hunting grow.

Ryan has recently gotten married and his wife is from Texas so the couple will spend most of year based out of their new home in Texas where he will try to balance married life with his demanding Rodeo schedule and intense passion for hunting. Just as in his rodeo career, Ryan believes in the need to cross over traditional barriers to reach the young people that are the future of our sport. Using the same extreme level of energy he uses in his performances Ryan is on task to give the hunting industry a much-needed shot of youth and excitement while also teaching the traditions that are an important part of the sport. Be on the lookout for Rocket Ryan in 2013 on Hardcore Hunting TV, as a guest on some of your favorite hunting shows and also through his own projects with his new venture Big West Media & Outdoors.

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