Roy Goodwin

Roy is a life long bowhunter and outdoorsman with a long string of successes in the world of archery. He is a senior member of Pope & Young and a life member of SCI, an official measurer for P&Y (since ’87), B&C, and SCI. He is also a member of United Bowhunters of PA and Mass. Bowhunters. Roy got into the publishing business in the ‘80’s when he ran Eastern Bowhunter magazine for nine years.

Roy turned to producing bowhunting videos in the ’80s & 90s. He also founded the North East Tournament Archery Association (NETAA) and has been a Bowhunting Consultant owning Tag-A-Long Consultants since 1985 helping bowhunters plan their bowhunting adventures. Roy has hunted across North America from the North Pole (polar bears) to Texas (whitetail) and from Alaska (brown bears) to Newfoundland (woodland caribou) as well as Africa. He has taken 18 North American Big Game species with the bow of which 16 are entered in P&Y and three in B&C. A total of twenty-nine animals have been entered in P&Y, six in B&C (all with a bow).