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My name is Paul Murray; I’ve been bowhunting for 28 years. I was born into a family of gun hunters, hunting whitetails, upland game birds and water fowl in the suburbs of Buffalo in Western New York. When I was a year old my father took up bowhunting, his love and enthusiasm for the sport was passed down to my brother and I. Ever since I was a young boy bowhunting has gone from an interest and a hobby to a way of life. I’m a passionate outdoors enthusiast and I hunger for all infinite details of the outdoor sports, with my primary objective being, hunting mature whitetails with my bow. I had a great head start because of my father but with that being said I still had to learn things the hard way. Why should hunting be any different than any other aspect of my life?

Since I started hunting, I had to go through all the growing pains of a hunter, but in that time I have learned so much. Now, I’m not only a hunter but a father and a teacher.  My proudest moment in my life was the moment my son was born. Now, watching him, my stepsons and my wife falling in love with the sport of archery and the outdoors as I did as a kid has given me a new excitement for the sport. I am fortunate in so many ways. My wife is very understanding of my passion for bow hunting and the outdoors. Together we are raising our boys the way we were raised- to work hard, play hard and hunt hard.  When I’m not in the field in pursuit, my thoughts are continually on it. When I was younger, the wait for the season to arrive was unbearable. Now with year round scouting, planning and preparing the season never ends and I love every minute of it. Over the past couple years with my closest friends we’ve started an outdoor video production group called Hunters Creek Outdoors, our focus is on education and enlightenment of all things outdoors. This endeavor is very time consuming, but I have found out, that it is a true passion of mine. Shoot Straight…

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