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Justin Kuyck is a firefighter and paramedic from San Angelo, Texas who has hunted whitetail most of his life. Taking several deer with a rifle at a young age, Justin first picked up a bow at age fourteen and has never looked back. Now, at age 34 he has taken nearly 100 whitetail deer with a bow, twelve of which qualify for Pope and Young. However, more importantly to Justin is being able to share his knowledge and appreciation for hunting with as many newcomers to the sport as he can. “You can’t put a price on watching someone else take their first deer with a bow, no matter how young or old,” he says.

With his roots staying grounded in whitetail soil, Justin has branched out into the world of western big game hunting the past few years, enjoying the mental and physical challenges that it has to offer. He spends most of his spare time with his family in the outdoors whether camping, scouting, fishing, or honing their skills at the archery range. Justin is thankful that the Lord has blessed him with so many hunting experiences and the resources to teach others along the way.

Justin is proud to be sponsored by Swhacker,   C’Mere Deer, Lakewood Products and working with AAE (Arizona Archery Enterprise).

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  1. andy   2016/01/29 at 12:02 am

    swhacker broadheads accurate and deadly. I’ve read mixed reviews about shoddy blood trails etc…accuracy is key. Aim for the lungs or heart, always had a great blood trail, usually a short one!


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