Johnny Costello


Johnny is an avid outdoor enthusiast with over 42 years hunting coast to coast. He grew up in the northeast hunting Whitetails, Pheasants, cottontails, Woodcock, Turkeys, ducks and geese. His passion for bowhunting continued as he moved west through New Mexico, California and now Oregon. He has been blessed with many record-book animals, including an SCI world record Roosevelt Elk (#2 Pope and Young), numerous Whitetail and Blacktail record-class bucks, a number of state record Wild Turkeys, 2 Royal Bulls and a number of northwest head and horn wins. He is now approaching the century mark for Wild Turkeys with a bow. He is also a successful guide for Roosevelt elk, Blacktail deer and wild turkey.

His success in the field has led him to be involved with many TV shows and authoring books and magazine articles. Johnny enjoys helping others, including professional hunters, to be successful in the field and has spent a lot of his time helping young people get involved in bowhunting. He also provides hunts for the disabled, children and wounded soldiers with great results and he counts as a special endeavor having helped his soul mate; Lisa Coates become an incredible bowhunter and hunting partner.

Much of his knowledge has been gained from rubbing elbows with so many ‘Superhunters’  as he puts it.  His  writings are a reflection of his deep-seeded passion for the sport. Because of his knowledge, experience and devotion to the sport he has been awarded Pro-staff status for HECS, Bear Archery, Trophy Ridge, Gold Tip, Tru-Fire, Badlands, Trophy Taker, Norway Industries, Rocky Boots and ConQuest Scents.  Johnny is looking forward to sharing his tales, passion and expertise with the visitors.

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2 Responses to "Johnny Costello"

  1. Lance LaCaze   2016/04/05 at 10:28 pm

    Does anyone know if he still owns an outfitting business? I want to hunt Colombian blacktail

    • Tryan77   2016/07/26 at 11:30 pm

      If you want to get a good blacktail look up a guide by the name of mike Lee!!

      SOB (southern Oregon blacktails) go onto his site and you can see pricing and pictures of bucks he has available real class act!

      If he doesn’t work for ya, I could probably get you something close to the class he will and a lot cheaper lol.


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