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John Stallone is an American hunter, TV personality, entrepreneur and author born in Brooklyn New York in 1976.  After having moved to Arizona in 1991, Stallone brought his intimate knowledge of hunting whitetails “back east” and then adapted his tactics to become one of the country’s more successful bow hunting personalities “out west”. Stallone’s extensive education has helped him succeed within the industry, amassing an Associate’s degree in Wildlife Management and Natural Resources and a M.S In Rangeland Management and Ecology from Colorado State University, he has also received a B.S of Corporate Fitness and Wellness from Grand Canyon University, with a Double Minor in Humanities and Psychology.

The Hunting Channel Online

With an intense desire to help other hunters, and to get his foot in the door of the outdoor industry, Stallone started The Hunting Channel Online in 2004.  Within this online platform he gained an audience by sharing his personal success on a widely popular blog and offered video tips to subscribers.  Stallone credits the advent of The Hunting Channel with his spike in popularity among the hunting community. The traction he gained due to the success of the Hunting Channel led him to author three books, start an outdoor video production company, and be sought out by editors to author articles in their publications.

Days in the Wild

Seeing almost immediate success from The Hunting Channel, Stallone built upon this success by starting Days in the Wild, a hunting TV show that chronicles the success of himself and his team members on hunts throughout the United States.  By focusing on a wide variety of game species and hunting styles, Stallone has been able to capture the interest of a very large audience.  He has been awarded several awards for his efforts with the show including recognition from the Outdoor Film Festival which travels the country publicizing the current “best of the best” outdoor filmmakers and their work.


Stallone has authored three books, “The Ultimate Guide to Staying Scent Free”, The Secrets of Hunting Western Game and The Whitetail Hunter’s Blueprint.  These books that are designed to increase the success of others by teaching his audience tactics he has learned throughout the years.  His books have allowed regular hunters to gain invaluable knowledge Stallone has learned during a hunting career that has carried him throughout the United States.  The knowledge he shares has been proven to increase the success of those who read his books making the learning curve of hunting more manageable for readers.

Hunt Fit

Stallone is also one of the fore fathers of the “train to hunt” movement. His mentality is that mind and body must work as one in order to achieve the highest level of success one can while hunting.  In 2008 he started the “Hunt Fit Program”, a fitness platform for hunters that involves not only cardio exercises, but also isolates muscle groups most commonly used while hunting.  Stallone firmly believes his Hunt Fit program will help hunters achieve more success in the field. As the “train to hunt” movement gains momentum, Stallone seems to always be in the mix giving training advice to others as well as competing in hunting related fitness programs. 

Hunting Success

Stallone’s success rate while hunting sets him apart from the rest of the pack.  Having amassed over 150 big game animals with his bow in the last twenty years; it is no surprise this success has led to sponsorships by several large hunting related companies. With a 75% success rate while bowhunting, compared to a national average closer to 20%, outdoor companies (see list below) sponsor his pursuits, and use Stallone as an ambassador for their products.  Stallone’s proudest moment while bowhunting occurred in 2015 when he was the first known person to kill a Florida Mountain Ibex with a bow on film; this is not an easy feat considering the treacherous terrain in which the Ibex call home in New Mexico. The simple fact that he was able to accomplish this has once again boosted his popularity in the national hunting circle.

Stallone’s success has been noticed by other celebrity hunters within the industry as well having been featured in Tom Miranda’s book “Rut Hunters”. Stallone was able to share his knowledge of hunting the rut in yet another large platform to expand his personal brand.

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1981 first deer hunt

1990 first deer with a bow

1996 won first archery tournament

1998 Received a Bachelor’s of Science from Grand Canyon University

2001 Started shooting Mathews as Pro-shop field staff

2002 Became chief of Infield testing for Huntech Inc

2004 started The Hunting Channel online

2004 Published First article in Midwest Whitetails

2005 Started TV Show Days in The Wild

2006 Release 1st book The Ultimate Guide to staying Scent Free

2006 Enter # 11 pope and young by spot and stalk Antelope

2007 Started Market My Hunting Business

2007 Started THC’s Tip of The Week

2008 Released  2nd Book The Secrets of Hunting Western Game

2008 Began The Hunt Fit Program

2009 Released 3rd Book The Whitetail Hunters Blueprint

2009 Began The Hunting Channel Blog

2013 Completed Master’s of Science Rangeland Management and Ecology 

2013 Was awarded The Whitetail Slam

2013 Was featured in Tom Miranda’s book The Rut Hunters

2014 Became Field Editor for Earned Magazine

2014 -2015  Days in The Wild awarded Viewer’s Choice Carbon TV

2015 first to Harvest a Florida Mt. Ibex with a bow on film

2015 Became The Content Coordinator for The Outdoor Insiders