Jason Herbert

Jason Herbert is a new outdoor writer who has already made tremendous inroads in the field. In addition to joining the writers at bowhunting.net he has been published in North American Whitetail, Petersen’s Bowhunting, Bow and Arrow Hunting, Deer and Deer Hunting and Outdoor Life magazines.  He is  also regularly working with several smaller publications. Jason has also joined Robinson Outdoors as a pro staff member and Bear Archery as their only Pro Staffer in the state of Michigan. Talented and outgoing Jason  also speaks regularly on the local seminar/show series.

When he has free time he can be found at home playing with his kids or relaxing in the garden. Jason supports his young family of six by teaching middle school Social Studies and running the local recreation program. Jason credits God and his incredibly supportive wife for his success and is thankful for every moment outdoors with friends and family.”

Jason loves to bowhunt for whitetail deer and will share his excitement and knowledge with the bowhunting.net fans.

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