Gene Galitz

Hunting has been a passion and way of life for over 40 years when his father first took him rabbit hunting. Gene grew up in Nebraska hunting pheasants, quail, rabbits, squirrels and later deer and varmints. In 1978 he married Judy his wife of nearly 34 years. Judy was interested in hunting so Gene started her out with squirrel hunting. She loved it.  In 1988 the family moved to Wyoming where they have enjoyed hunting the Wind River Mountain Range and taken numerous antelope, deer, and elk. The couple has also taken black bear, moose and two mountain lions. The Galitz’s youngest daughter Jamie took her first elk with a crossbow at age 15. That same year she did a spot and stalk hunt on a mule deer buck while her parents watched. She made the shot, going two for two with archery equipment that year.

Archery elk hunting is the Galitz’s favorite thing in life and Gene has put it to paper having several articles published in Horizontal Bowhunter Magazine, the official magazine of the American Crossbow Federation. In 2007 Gene had an article he wrote on an Alaskan Caribou Adventure published in North American Hunter magazine. Having spent a 28 career in law enforcement Gene also put his writing expertise to work for nine years hosting a weekly column ‘Cops Corner’ for the local newspaper, Lander Journal. Since retiring from Law Enforcement Gene freelances as a writer and he and Judy operate Fins and Feathers Taxidermy in Lander, WY.

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