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Frank Addington, Jr. has been on stage performing for more than 25 years.  He began shooting a bow and arrow in 1971 at the age of four and credits his parents, the late Rev. Stacy Groscup, Ann Clark, the late Earl Hoyt and the late Fred Bear with all having been an influence on his showsmanship.
His “bow and arrow razzle dazzle” archery exhibitions feature Addington’s instinctive archery feats that have wowed audiences from coast to coast with shots such as six arrow fired at once, two bows fired at once, and he has shot small objects such as aspirin tablets, baby aspirin tablets, and mustard seeds from mid air.
Addington says, “God gave me pretty good eyesight and I am blessed.  I simply try and take what he gave me and use it..”   Addington’s shows are intended to promote archery and the outdoor lifestyle and encourage the next generation to leave computers, tv and video games indoors and get outdoors with their families.  Addington and his wife have a son, Gus, who has been shooting a bow since he was 18 months old.  Frank and Amanda are both graduates of Marshall University. You can read Addington’s “Straight Shot” columns here as well as his “Celebrity Interviews”.

Frank credits with being a place where thousands of archers and bowhunters gather on a regular basis to sit around an “electronic camp fire”. Addington says, “Hope you’ll drop by the site often. Robert and Rich have lots of stuff going on all the time and we all enjoy reading adventures and stories about this great sport.  Stop by anytime…” Visit Frank Addington’s “Aspirinbuster” website at:

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  1. Tom Sawyer   2017/03/01 at 8:45 am

    Saw a comment written by Jim Seitz about my sister’s article, Diane Miller, Executive Director of the AHOF. He was our next door neighbor growing up and put up with my playing drums for many years. He mentioned Ted Nugent. One of my ultimate fantasies would be to be able to play drums with Ted. My band that I had while living in mobile, Alabama played a few of his songs back in the mid-70’s.

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