Engee Potgieter

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 Full time outdoor writer and professional bowhunter, Engee Potgieter was born and raised in the picturesque Zululand region of South Africa. He developed a great passion for the outdoors, hunting and fishing at a very young age. Engee quickly became an accomplished rifle and handgun hunter from very early but his first love is bowhunting and archery. Engee is a long time Pro Staffer for Muzzy, Tightspot, HECS and Winners Choice and has recently signed on with Elite Archery. He also works as the Bowhunting Editor for the African Outfitter Magazine. As fulltime bowhunter and passionate fly fisherman Engee spends most all of his time in the field in the pursuit of big game animals across the world and as a licensed professional hunter and guide Engee devotes his life to conserving and protecting wildlife and sustainable hunting.

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