Zan Christensen

Known as “Zano” within his circle of bowhunting friends Zan has been chasing whitetails and other critters with traditional archery equipment for three decades.  His passion for the Great Outdoors since childhood has lead him down an exciting path of adventures across the country. He enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge through his writing and professional pursuits.  He published the first edition of The Hunt Recorder & Notes Book in 1996, premiering America’s only big game hunt strategy workbook for bowhunters.  1999 he joined the Bowhunting.Net family of sponsors, which successfully launched The Hunt Recorder & Notes Book to a world audience.  He Is also an event speaker, wildlife management consultant, and offers bowhunting property evaluation services for Texas land owners and deer lease holders.  When not chasing whitetails with his Bear Kodiak recurve, you can find him visiting with friends at, “The best bowcamp on the net, bar none”!  You can learn more about and contact Zan through his website,

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