Wade Nolan

Wade Nolan is known as the “Bowhunting Biologist”. He merges his passion of hunting with science in articles, seminars and video. He has done award winning work on whitetails and regularly shares comments on current whitetail science with the readers. He has been a leader in the world of outdoor video and has produced over 130 productions featuring whitetails, turkeys, bears and moose. His streaming video clips have received over 19,000,000 views. He was the founder of Quest Production Group and currently is the president of “Whitetail University”.  His work is often featured on the Outdoor Channel and the Sportsman’s Channel.  Robert Hoague, Fred Lutger and Wade chase turkeys with bows each spring without remorse.
Wade and his broadcast video camera have worked with such groups as Animal Planet, the BBC Natural History Unit and National Geographic. Nolan lived in Alaska’s wilderness for 17 years including 5 years north of the Arctic Circle. Wade has a passion for Alaska’s wild places and has kayaked over 2000 miles of arctic rivers. He also works part of each year in Africa and is a booking agent for Dries Visser Safaris Bowhunts.  Nolan runs an Adventure Safari’s in Africa yearly where they capture Rhinos’ and Cape Buffalo with wildlife vets and conduct a photo safari.

Every winter Wade speaks at Wild Game Dinners at churches across America promoting Christ. He has spoken in over 225 cities. Visit Wade Nolan’s web site at www.wadenolan.com.

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