Ty Weaver

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Ty started shooting a bow when he was two. Today, at the ripe old age of seventeen he holds several TGR bowhunting World Records, although he won’t mention it to you.  Ty has a great hunting career ahead of him, strong family support and a head squarely on his shoulders. He is fortunate enough to have already hunted in Canada, Africa, and Texas but his favorite part about hunting is spending time with his family. His most prized bow kills are; African Lion, Canadian Black Bear and a Gray Fox in Texas!  Ty enjoys filming for BowTube.com, and writing for Junior Shooters Magazine as well as Bowhunting.Net. His dream is to some day have his own outdoor show and with his endearing, humble personality and awesome archery skills we see that as actually becoming reality. Ty’s favorite quote; “Every kid is waiting to be invited outdoors, Ask them!”

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