Synthia Wilson

Growing up in a rural Kansas farm family Synthia hunted quail and pheasant and took an archery class in college. She married her husband Ken after college and a few years later took the Kansas Hunter Safety Course. She was ready to get serious about hunting. She received her first Browning bow as a birthday present in 1992. In 1993 earned several 3-D trophies and then went after deer in 1994 and quickly became a successful bowhunter.

Expanding on her love of the outdoors and hunting Synthia got involved with the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks as a certified Hunter Education instructor in 2000. She also got more involved in various clubs during this time and was promoted by KDWP to Organizing Instructor for the Bowhunter Education Certification program, in the Kansas City Area and remained so until the classroom portion of the certification was eliminated in 2008. She continued to be involved in various programs as both a participant and a speaker. Synthia enjoys public speaking and encouraging others to take up hunting.

Synthia and Ken instilling their love of the outdoors in their children by taking them fishing, boating, camping and exploring the woods. While Synthia and Ken hunt together she most often hunts alone.

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