Michael Batease


Growing up in an outdoor family it was pretty easy for the passion and love of the outdoors to be established. My Grandfather was my biggest influence growing up. He taught me how to read a river to figure out where the fish were laying and also to look at a mountain and find the prime spots for deer and elk.

I was introduced to archery when I was in High School by a teacher of mine that sparked the fire for archery and bow hunting. My first bow was a Fred Bear 45# take down recurve that I would spend hours with in the back yard shooting a paper plate on 3 straw bales. These memories are still as fresh on my mind today as the day they were created.

In 2002 my love and passion for the outdoors turned into an opportunity to be a part of the outdoor and hunting industry. Since that time I have been blessed to work with and represent some of the top manufacturers in the archery industry and developed some incredible friendships. Over the years I have traveled all over the US and Western Canada conducting hunting seminars, attending sport shows and have even been a part of a couple of TV shows and a few video series.

Today I love to share the passion and knowledge I have learned over the years with others and watch as they grow in this incredible sport. I thank you for taking the time to read this short bio and am here to help if I can. Feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments. I hope you enjoy my articles and video reviews.

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