Gary Elliott



Gary is married with three boys and lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan. A man of nature, he grew up with a love for the woods and animals. Gary took up outdoor photography early in life but has taken up bowhunting later at 49. He has spent the last few years learning as much about the sport as possible.

Introduced to bowhunting by an old friend he began working very hard the last year an a half to become a good archer. He has also spent a lot of time reading about hunting and talking to as many hunters as possible. Gary has absorbed everything and hopes to harvest his first deer this season.

Gary started the website to create a hub to help those also new to hunting and others in bowhunting. On the website Gary writes about products from manufacturers and shares some of his nature photography as well. Bowhunting.Net has offered Gary an opportunity to work on a new love of his, writing about issues that effect us as hunters and informative articles to help others and also further his own knowledge. Gary is also hoping to bring a new perspective to writing and a new approach, while also being able to reach out to those who are not sure about hunting and welcome them into this great community. Also look for Gary’s Product Reviews on Bownation.


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