Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas is the founder of BowHunterPlanet.com and the host of BHPTV.  He grew up in a hunting family with his father and brother teaching him the art.  In 2009 he brought on a staff of his best hunting buddies to build BowHunterPlanet.com and BHPTV.  The site and show have gained popularity among amateur hunters around the world.  The site has gained public applause from manufacturers and organizations across the globe on the BHPTV Testlab series, which highlights industry products.   BHPTV offers videos on products, hunting, testing, ATA show coverage and much more.

Thomas has always been an advocate of building relationships within the hunting community and working with big sites like Bowhunting.net has offered Dave another avenue to help manufacturers get their products to the hunters of the world.  In its debut year BowHunterPlanet.com has seen over 2300 members while BHPTV has launched over 75 videos which have been viewed over 250,000 times.