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The Camo Clan is a group of dedicated bowhunters and good friend who travel across the country for elusive and challenging game from whitetail deer to bowfishing at it’s best. Join them each month for another exciting adventure in the wild.


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Meet The Camo Clan TV Crew:

George Winters

My name is George Winters and I’m a construction worker from Minden, LA. I was born in 1978 and at a young age had a deep desire to be in the outdoors! I am very thankful to have a job and family that allow me the time to do what I love and that’s hunting and fishing! My very favorite animal to hunt is the whitetail deer. It’s a passion I share with my family and friends and it goes way beyond just something to do, it’s a way of life!


Tim Winters

My name is Tim Winters, I was born in Lakeland, Florida in 1972. I am currently living in Shongaloo, La. I am happily married and have four beautiful children. My occupation is a ceramic tile installer. My main desire is to serve my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I have a deep love for the outdoors. I’m hunting or fishing every chance I get. I have a great passion for bow hunting whitetail deer and I’ve had the opportunity to hunt all over the country. The hardest animal I’ve ever hunted is the North Louisiana whitetail.


Joe Adams

I am a Controller for our local hospital, Minden Medical Center.  I have been employed there for 14 years. I’ve been happily married to my wife Jessica for 11 years and I am a father of 4 beautiful children, 3 girls & 1 boy (Lauren, Joseph, Rebekah & Caroline).  While growing up, I never really hunted; I was a big sports guy and enjoyed all kinds of high school sports.  About 8-9 years ago I went hunting with a couple of guys from work and shot a big 9 point buck. The fever started and I have been an avid hunter ever since.  After taking my first deer with a cheap bow that I bought, I decided that I would but the gun away and concentrate my efforts on bow hunting.  Bow hunting has become my passion.  I enjoy being in the outdoors enjoying all that our wonderful Creator has created.  I love being in the tree early in the morning and hearing all the creatures come alive.



Paul Meek

I’m a Contractor by trade but I have several passions, one of them is that I raise Brangus cattle; I have about 50 registered cows. I think that calving season is my favorite time as it’s exciting to see new life come into the world. I have been married to my wife Brenda for 25 years and we have a daughter Katie and a new son-in-law Aaron. We hunt as a family because I think it’s important to get the quality time whenever you can. My number one passion is bow hunting whitetails. I have been blessed to travel to some awesome places and meet some very fine people that I’m now able to call friends. In my opinion all is good in the world when you can watch a bull elk come over a mountain top in Canada, or watch the sun set on the swamp in Florida, or see a big whitetail sneaking through the bayous of Louisiana. That’s when life is good and your spirit is free, even if it’s for those few moments.


Tony Smith

Born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida, I am a barber by trade and have been in business for myself for over ten years.  I am happily married and we have four wonderful children, two of which we are currently in the process of adopting. As far back as I can remember my father encouraged me to go outside and enjoy nature. This love of the outdoors quickly developed into a passion for hunting. I have been truly blessed to travel so many different places to hunt.  While every hunt is special, my most memorable hunt is my caribou hunt in Alaska. Being outdoors makes me feel like I’m close to God which is something that I strive for every day of my life.          

 Alan Oglesby (CCTV Pro Staff)

I’m a professional fireman from Minden, LA. I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all my many blessings. My wife Katrina and I have two wonderful  children Austin and Katie. I’ve been an avid bowhunter for 25 years. I was introduced to the outdoors as a small child by my Father who took me hunting and fishing. I remember as a 5 yr. old boy being pulled up a tree by a rope with a foot loop in it to sit under my dad as he stood and bowhunted deer out of his Baker climbing stand. Little did I know the passion that would be started from these early experiences. Since then I’ve traveled to many states bowhunting and harvesting elk, deer and hogs. My favorite animal to bowhunt is the whitetail deer. I now share my passion of the outdoors and bowhunting with my family and friends.


JJ Salinas  (CCTV Pro Staff)

From the time I graduated high school, I’ve spent most of my time in a copper mine in the mountains of Southwest New Mexico. God has blessed me with a beautiful wife (Erica) and two beautiful children (Abigail amd Andrew) that love to take part in my passion, bowhunting. Growing up around hunting was something I did,  but never really took it serious until the day I picked up my first bow. Since that day, I’ve hunted several places and have taken many great animals. Still my favorite thing to hunt is a Pronghorn Antelope in the flatlands of New Mexico. But in all, there’s nothing like sneaking into the bedroom of any trophy animal, holding a stick and string in your hand.


This is the Camo Clan. You can see our dedication and love of the sport of bowhunting and we invite you to be a part of the Camo Clan quest. Come along each month as we pit our skills against those of the game we hunt. You’ll have fun, you will be thrilled and entertained and along the way perhaps learn some things. Camo Clan TV, nothing staged, just good old fashion hunting buddies doing what they love to do.

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