Life in Camo


Richard Holt and Nancy Jo Adams are co-owners of Life in Camo Media where they have honed a niche in product exposure through field-testing products and promoting products through published reviews for various media venues, online and printed publications, and on social media. The husband and wife duo enjoy hunting the nation and working together in photography/videography capturing their hunts and product usage in the field. Having the opportunity to hunt multiple states annually for various game animals they use the ample opportunities to field test products.

Nancy Jo is an avid accomplished huntress, the founder of Ladies in Camo, freelance and staff writer for several print publications and online media sources. Nancy Jo enjoys being active in social media and penning her blog, Life in Camo-Shenanigans From the Field. Among various skills, she is known in the industry for her genuine opinion of products incorporating the use-practicality and quality-value perspective. As an advocate for women hunters and founder of Ladies in Camo, Nancy Jo has organized various successful women’s hunts/events since 2008.

Richard is a lifetime hunter and well educated in property management for quality game management and conservation. Richard is not only responsible for mentoring Nancy Jo and inspiring her love for the outdoors and hunting but has shared in mentoring many of the women that have hunted with them over the past eight years. You will usually find Richard behind the camera on hunts or when working in the field getting product photos.

Nancy Jo is an active member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA)

Richard and Nancy Jo are members of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA)

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