Cooking With SusieQ

Sue Burch, aka SusieQ, has hosted ‘Cooking with SusieQ’ since 1996.

Like a lot of ladies out there Sue was a hunter’s widow every hunting season so she finally asked him to take her hunting too.

She started in 1995 just hunting with a 6mm then moved to a .270 and she now hunts with a Thompson Center 7mm .08 and when she is able, her Mathew’s bow. With five children and a husband to feed, hunting provided the meat. They filled one freezer with venison and another one with the vegetables out of their home garden.

Building off this bounty and with a household of hungry mouths to feed Sue got creative in the kitchen and the result was some fantastic recipes that she has been sharing with visitors through her monthly column. Looking for some mouth watering ways to cook up the bounty you have?

Well come on it to SusieQ’s kitchen and find out how. Through her column she shares some of her tricks and methods of working with wild game. Sue shares her own and other’s recipes too so if you have a favorite you would like to share, well, send em in. ‘Cooking with SusieQ’ – Come in, sit a spell and enjoy the meal.

Find all the great recipes posted by SusieQ – visit Cooking With SusieQ.