David & Karin Holder


            If David is not bow hunting then he is preparing to bow hunt, and if he’s not preparing, then he is talking about a bow hunt and if you happen to catch him during one of those rare instances when he isn’t talking at all … you can bet, more than likely … he is thinking about something that has to do with a bow hunt.

             David Holder, founder of “RAISED HUNTING”, found his way into the outdoor industry working for Primos Hunting, from a long lasting firefighting career, where he retired as a Captain.  He took the intense life saving training, leadership and communication skills mastered at the fire department and incorporated them into his hunting style, resulting in making him one of today’s most consistent and successful bowhunter.

            In addition he began sharing this knowledge not only with his family and archery youth camps, but also with thousands of outdoor enthusiasts across the nation.

            David has over 200 archery kills with many of them qualifying for the record books  Many of these have been on public land. Make sure to check out “RAISED HUNTING” to see what information David and the entire Holder family have to share.

Raised Hunting  

For our passion, love and respect for wildlife and the outdoors, to be shared now, and for generations to come, in order to preserve our heritage. To be “THE” choice for hunters everywhere when seeking trusted information.  To deliver this in a way that is of the highest quality, honest and entertaining. We are “RAISED HUNTING”, welcome to our family!

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