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BowTech Unveils New Tribute

By Margaret Knupp

Nov 1, 2005, 00:16

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New BowTech Bow Pays Tribute

BowTech’s New 2006 Tribute

     There are several reasons to honor and praise the newest
bow in the BowTech arsenal, not the least of which is its fearless will to boldly go against conventional wisdom.

The new Tribute from BowTech defies traditional archery thinking with
its combination of a long riser and beyond parallel limbs creating
stability never before found in a shorter axle-toaxle bow. The
engineering behind this courageous bow not only increases stored energy
but also significantly reduces limb tip travel virtually eliminating
vibration. And like the military men and women it?s dedicated to, the
Tribute is maneuverable, fast, and efficient.

As with all 2006 BowTech bows, the Tribute features the patent
pending Binary Cam System® which, in just one short year, has gone from
a new product launch to wide market acceptance, making it the newest
evolution in the design of the compound bow. Now available with the
choice of two distinctively different sets of modules allowing archers
to select the shooting characteristics they desire. Chose the
ultra-smooth draw or the high performance speed mod.

Use one for extended practice sessions or long 3D tournaments, the
other for hunting situations, essentially giving the consumer two bows
in one. The Tribute, which is scheduled to launch on November 1, 2005,
has impressive specifications that include a 31 1/2? axle-to-axle
length, 7 1/2″ brace height, mass weight of 4.1 lbs, draw length
modules in half inch increments from 26? to 30?, peak draw weights of
50, 60, 70, and 80
pounds (with special order peak weights of 90 or 100 pounds),
adjustable let-off from 65 to 80 percent, and a IBO speed rating of 320
to 328 fps.

But the noblest feature of the Tribute is its role in raising funds
for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). A Tribute is
more than a word or name. It?s a core value that guides action.
Therefore, in a tribute to the men and women serving in our armed
forces, and to recognize their great sacrifice, BowTech will contribute
a portion of proceeds from the sale of every Tribute bow to TAPS. This
non-profit Veteran Service Organization offers comfort, support and
assistance to hundreds of American families each year who face the
tragedy of losing a loved one serving in the Armed Forces. BowTech will
also include a ?PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS? camouflage wristband with each new
Tribute. For more information regarding TAPS visit

BowTech manufacturers and distributes the world?s finest compound bows
and archery equipment. Founded in 1999, BowTech?s corporate offices and
manufacturing facilities are located on the outskirts of Eugene,
Oregon. Today, BowTech divisions include WaterDog Surface Technologies
formed in February 2004 and Diamond Archery acquired in September 2004.

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