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WildThing Tames Bows

By Rich Walton

May 5, 2005, 01:15

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Diamond Archery’s WildThing Tames Bows


The last thing you?d expect from a product called WildThing is stability. Yet that?s exactly what the new stabilizer from Diamond Archery delivers. And it does so in a one-of-a-kind way.

WildThing may look unconventional with its vibration-absorbing tentacles and weighted, flexible bobble head, but that?s just a disguise for the well crafted engineering underneath. The stabilizer features a 10-degree angle that aids in maintaining a level bow position and in absorbing the ?kick? that?s inherent in some bow designs. Plus, the WildThing, especially when combined with the Diamond Hush Kit accessories, fully absorbs bow vibration in a fraction of the time than a bow without Diamond accessories.

The unique 10-degree angle also provides the flexibility of personalizing the angled position. The WildThing can be positioned to offset imbalances caused by quiver and/or other accessory weight.

WildThing is available in Mossy Oak® Obsession?, Mossy Oak® New Break Up, RealTree® Hardwoods®, or RealTree® Hardwoods Green® HD? finishes and has a $49.99 MSR.

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