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BowTech Rattle Bag

By Rich Walton

Apr 28, 2005, 14:21

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Rut, Rattle and Roll with BowTech Rattle Bag

Nothing attracts the big bucks more than the natural
sound of their own brethren going head to head. And no rattle bag reproduces the sound of battling bucks more naturally than the latest accessory from BowTech.

As rattle bags go, this one must be heard to be believed. BowTech has brought the full force of their research and development capabilities to the table in developing the hollow chamber, split-cylinder tines that are contained in every bag. Tines come in an assortment of lengths and diameters to recreate the natural sounds of mature fighting bucks. Tines can be removed to create a variety of rattle sounds emulating smaller bucks.

The hollow chamber and oblong shape of the tines are primarily responsible for the unique sound system. The chambered design requires less effort and results in greater volume when needed. Additionally, the tine structure is designed to create the most authentic, natural sound on the market and in the field.

The bag itself is a non-absorbent, water-resistant, camouflaged mesh. The drawstring allows for easy access to the tines, and an elastic nylon band keeps the tines silent in transit.

BowTech, manufacturer and distributor of the world?s finest compound bows and archery equipment, was founded in 1999 by CEO, John Strasheim, and VP of Research and Development, Kevin Strother. BowTech is the fastest growing bow company in history, increasing in revenue every year since 2000 to become the fourth largest bow company in the world.

For more information contact:

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Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 541-284-4711 or 888-689-1289
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