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BowKaddy a Hit with Outfitters

By Arliss McNalley

Mar 14, 2006, 06:00

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Bowkaddy Hits
Home With Outfitters

The Red Deer Sportsman Show was the stage for Bowkaddy?s
sophomore appearance on the Alberta
trade show circuit.  Over three thousand
people attended the show, but what made it great was ?The Mother of All
Shoots?, one of the largest 3-D tournaments in western Canada.  Over three hundred archers took turns lacing
arrows and touring the trade show exhibits. 
The Bowkaddy booth, though somewhat separated from the action, was a
definite point of interest for the bowhunting crowd. (Web Site:


With a shiny blue Honda Fourtrax
boasting a Bowkaddy c/w Kaddy Bracket ATV on the front quad rack, hunters were
able to touch, adjust and test Bowkaddy. 
Sales were up 50% over the previous show with half of the units going to
prominent outfitters situated in central Alberta.  Outfitters fully understand the importance of
security and versatility when it comes to transporting clients? bows.  They have to arrive at the hunting site
unscathed and ready for immediate use. 
And because every client has a different bow, the bow rack must be
quickly adjustable to any size or style of weapon.  When multiple bows are sometimes carried on
the same quad, it?s important to have room left over for a comfortable ride to
and from the stand.  Bowkaddy delivers all
of these things in an affordable, compact design.



Check out for more information on
Bowkaddy and accessory brackets.



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