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BowKaddy Legal Transportation in IL

By Arliss McNalley

Jul 13, 2006, 07:13

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Bowkaddy – Legal For Bow Transportation Option in Illinois

Let me start by reminding everyone to brush up on the important
regulatory changes before embarking on this year’s hunting
trip(s).  The affairs of Fish and Wildlife fall under the
jurisdiction of each respective state and province.   
As such, the rules can change modestly or drastically depending on
which border you cross.  If you plan to hunt in the vicinity of a
state or provincial boundary, you would be well-advised to become
familiar with the rules on both sides of the fence, so to speak. 
Assuming, of course, that you have legal authority to hunt different
areas, it’s always better to err on the side of wisdom.  Ignorance
seldom carries any credibility with an enforcement officer.

One of the most diverse regulatory aspects, I have discovered, involves
the “appropriate” storage of bows during vehicle transport. 
most states and provinces say very little or nothing in the way of
prescribed bow transport, there are a handful that dictate stringent
security measures.  Most of these states require that a bow be
cased during transport – end of story.  In Illinois, however, the
regulations are open to a bit more interpretation.  As taken from
the 2005-2006 Illinois Hunting Information, “it is unlawful to:

    *      carry a bow or bow and arrow device in a
vehicle, conveyance or aircraft unless it is unstrung or enclosed in a
case, or otherwise made inoperable.”

It is the last phrase in the quote which provides the grounds for a
legal alternative to casing a bow.  Granted, there are a lot of
hunters who swear by the security and peace of mind that a case can
deliver.  The “case-cons”, though, include dealing with an
oversized container – not exactly favorable in the eyes of some
ATV’ers, and making the best of an impractical storage situation. 
For example, my PSE Mustang will not fit in my hard case unless I spend
a few minutes removing the 2-piece quiver – not something I would want
to do every time I returned to my truck or quad.

For those who would rather leave their case at home and have their bow
“made inoperable” when traveling afield, consider Bowkaddy as your
regulatory savior.
  The Illinois Department of Natural Resources,
upon reviewing the functionality of Bowkaddy, has concluded that
Bowkaddy can be used for legal bow transportation in the state of
Illinois.  From the Division of Wildlife Resources:  “…as
long as the bow is locked or otherwise rendered inoperable by the
Bowkaddy then the Bowkaddy can be used to legally transport a bow in
Illinois.” -Division Chief.

Note – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources does not endorse
this or any other product.  The above statement merely confirms
that Bowkaddy meets with the intent and mutual interpretation of the

Regardless of your needs when it comes to bow storage, bow protection
and bow transportation, Bowkaddy offers a fit-for-purpose
solution.  Try one today…your satisfaction is my
guarantee.  –

Arliss McNalley, Owner,
Alaris Concepts


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