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BowKaddy Not Just for Bow

By Arliss McNalley

Apr 10, 2006, 05:02

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Statistics tell us that nine hunters out of ten are also
dedicated fishermen.  Interestingly
enough, the inverse stat is significantly less, but that?s a different story.  My point is simply this?when you pack up your
bow and arrows for an extended backwoods hunting trip, there?s also likely a
fishing rod stashed somewhere in the pile of gear.  So wouldn?t it be nice if, when you spike out
from camp, you could use the same carrying rack whether you?re hunting or
fishing?  Now you can. (Web site:

The swing arms of
Bowkaddy can be locked in several angular positions, including a symmetric
setting whereby the grips line up with each other.  This was a deliberate aspect of the design to
accommodate traditional long bows as shown in the picture.  With each arm rotated 180 degrees, the grips
also line up, but much closer to each other. 
And it just so happens that the rubberized grips are suitably
dimensioned to firmly hold a standard fishing rod!  Who knew?!

Bowkaddy works best on two-piece fishing rods, especially
if mounted on an ATV.  It would be
undesirable to have a 6 or 7 foot fishing rod sticking out the side of your
quad as you travel down the windy trail. 
In a pickup, it wouldn?t matter quite as much provided your rod is
shorter than your truck box.  It may be
necessary in some cases to use an elastic band to hold the small piece (end) of
the rod securely to the main (handle) piece of the rod.  Also ensure that there is sufficient
clearance for the reel if it is attached to the rod.

Granted, this product might be a bit elaborate for the
weekend fisherman. But if you?re tagged out with camp time remaining, there?s
usually a good fishing spot a short ride away. 
Just throw your rod and reel in Bowkaddy and leave that bulky case

For more information on the extreme versatility of
Bowkaddy, visit!



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