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New BowFit Safari Exerciser


Mar 16, 2006, 08:17

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Safari Tube For Big Boys

Get ready for your hunt of a lifetime with the new Bowfit
Safari Exerciser!  Bowfit LLC is proud to
introduce their latest and toughest archery exerciser to date. The super-heavy
safari tube simulates drawing a heavy poundage bow (80# plus) and it?s
completely adjustable to give you a range of resistance—As you get stronger,
it gets stronger!   The new Bowfit Safari
Exerciser is like a Bowfit on steroids! 
In fact, if you don?t improve your archery strength and stamina after
one month, we will send your money back. 
Guaranteed!  Check out our new
Safari Exerciser by logging onto or call 888-757-5541.  Remember, if you are going after the big
boys, you had better be prepared!

Chris pumps up for Elephant

“I have found your Bowfit products to be an absolute
necessity in any archer’s duffle bag. I personally found it to be my most useful
tool while training for my African Big 5 hunt this past season. When shooting
bows set at 106 lbs., you never want to go more than a day without
shooting. Having the Bowfit with me at all times assured me that I could stay
in the proper shape needed. The Bowfit now goes with me on every hunt no
matter where I’m hunting. Thank you so much for all your help.”
Chris Rager, President, Trophy Ridge/Rocket Aerohead Broadheads.  

Chris out muscles a Croc

It took a 100 lb bow to drop this buf. The Safari Tube helped

?Due to my working with the Bowfit Safari Tube, I had no problems shooting my
100 pound bow in Africa and was able to make
good shot placement on some very tough African animals.  I strongly recommend Bowfit to archers
and hunters anywhere!?

 Rick Valdez,

Hunting Consultant 

Now available at the Bowhunting Store


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