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Dan Biehl

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Hygene and Hunting

By Dan Biehl

Nov 6, 2005, 05:10

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?Ah, man! Ron, that stench is
nasty. Why didn?t you take a shower in town yesterday? You are going to scare
every single deer away today! You might be able to attract that farmer?s sow
over there!? The bane of a hunter?s stealth and concealment is the human hygiene.
Many people with great hygiene smell like King Kong would climbing 100 stories
after being in the woods one day.

Before ever
heading into the woods
one must remember a couple things to do first. Before
climbing into the shower, check out those toe nails on your feet. If they are
beyond the tip of your toes, or where they are comfortable, trim them back. If
they look brittle and yellow you need to go see your doctor before the hunt
because you may have something worse then athletes foot. Take a foot crème or
powder along that will take away the itch if you have athletes foot, which ever
is preferred or recommended.

Next, look for calluses. A callus can burn and
hurt every time you take a step and cause you to turn around from that hot spot
you were at just a month a go. Get a pumus stone or a foot file and file down
the callus, being careful not to file down past the new skin. Next, check your
ankle and the bottom of your feet for cracks if there are any apply a moisturizing
crème and put a sock on after the shower or bath. Take the cream with you
because it could get worse and throughout your hunt.

Let?s move up
to the hands.
The black stuff under your finger nails needs to be cleaned out. Use
a nail file with a tip to clean under your nails. Now check the length. If they
are beyond the tips of your fingers they need a little trim. Cut them back to
where they are comfortable and use the nail file to get rid of any hang nails.

The face is
where we will start next.

Having a beard makes men look rugged or well refined.
It also captures food particles, oils, perfumes, colognes, shampoo,
conditioner, smoke, ect. Unless you can keep it trimmed and clean it
could be
the downfall of a hunt because it captures smells that keeps deer from
approaching you. Wash your beard with a scent free soap or a scent
products out there. I recommend going in with a clean shaven face
because skin
is much easier to clean than hair. For those you with long hair the
same rule apply.
Make sure it is clean and a scent eliminating product. It is best to
keep it up
in a bun or a tight pony tail. This will not only keep it out of your
face but, eliminates the surface the wind can blow through to disperse
your scent. Having
short hair, I make sure to clean it well before going into the field
and I use
a scent eliminating product. The ears need to be cleaned out in order
to be
able to hear the soft padding of a bear. It also gets rid of the wax
builds up and collects scent molecules.

The whole
body should be cleaned before a hunt. Where ever you sweat the most should be
of special attention because of the amount of human scent the areas disperse.
Make sure the armpits, crotch, buttocks and neck are thoroughly cleaned, along
with the rest of the body. Use a scent eliminating soap or a scent free soap to
clean yourself before heading out. When in, camp use the scent free soap or a
scent eliminating product such as those offered by Wildlife
Research Center
, to clean your self at night before bed and in the
morning before leaving camp. If there is water nearby, think of getting a
portable shower from a camping store that collapses and use that in the field.

should be washed with a scent free detergent, or a scent eliminating detergent.
Wear separate clothes when hiking into camp if you will not be hunting, to keep
your camo free of your scent. Wear different clothing while in camp to keep the
smell of the campfire and food out of your camo.  Also spray your camo down with a scent
eliminating product before and after putting them on. There are also carbon
garments out there that do not need to be sprayed.

Hygiene can
be the difference between a squirrel and a giant Yukon moose when out on a hunt. Keeping your
camp clean also helps and can keep away unwanted critters such as bears, mice, or
scavengers. The more you are scent free the less the hunted will smell you.


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2005 by Bowhunting.net

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