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NAP Quicktune 2000 Drop-Away Arrow Rest

By Jason Balazs

Nov 10, 2005, 06:01

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EVALUATION: NAP Quiktune 2000 Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Throughout the last 15 years there has been a
drastic change in archery equipment. Bows have gone from wheels to cams, then
to one cam with a wheel, and now we have a cam and a half. The same goes for Arrow
Rests. There are prongs, springs, flippers, and biscuits. 

I was given the chance to try out a new Arrow Rest from New Archery Products called,
the Quicktune 2000 Drop-Away.  Being an
old ?Fuddy Dud,? like my kids call me, I was quick to stick with my regular
two-prong Rest that I have moved from bow to bow.  But, after reading the instructions and
giving the rest a good look over, I decided to try it out.  One thing I need to mention is, you must have
an upper cable guard to use this rest.

The cable slide on your bow
is replaced with the one that comes with the Quicktune Drop-Away, which has a
crimping devise to hold the steal braided cable, as seen in the above picture.
The shelf mounted arrow holder is made of dense rubber and serves two purposes,
first is to retain the arrow between the forks of the Rest when in the Down
Position. This ensures your arrow does not fall off the shelf since the Rest is
in a down position when not at full draw. The second purpose is to silence the
forks when they do fall at the shot. The forks/prongs are rubber coated steel
and hold your arrow as they rise when at full draw.  The Rest is adjusted by using the Allen
wrench that is included.  All you have to
do is loosen the setscrew and move it right or left to adjust for center shot.
The main, single piece bracket that attaches the Rest to the bow is made of
aluminum for light weight and durability.

Set up:
The directions explain
everything and are very easy to follow. 
I was amazed at how quickly this item was to set up. In just under 5
minutes I was able to mount it onto my bow, find center, adjust the nock point
and paper tune it. I would suggest that you use one of the laser center shot
finders to make this process easier and don?t worry, if you are off center it
only takes a quick adjustment of the setscrew, and you will be right on track.
The only issue that I ran into during the set up of this Rest was that
depending on what bow you own, you might need to trim the length of the rubber
shelf mounted Arrow Holder, this way it does not hang over the end of your bows

How it works:

you draw your bow, the cable slide pulls the braided steal cable, which raises
the forks into position along with your arrow. 
Upon release of your string, the rest instantly drops out of the way for
perfect fletching clearance and true arrow flight.  The Rest is spring-loaded and when it falls,
it falls fast, but is very quiet thanks to the rubber, shelf mounted Arrow Holder.


For the first 50 shots, I placed dye on the
forks/prongs to check for clearance. Upon inspection, I had zero contact to any
fletching. After this, I pulled on the cable, to see if it would stretch or
break loose from the cable slide. Not detecting any signs of stretching or
breakage I shot 50 more arrows, that all hit the same place as the last ones.
This told me that the cable did not stretch and cause my arrow to be nock high.
Throughout the testing arrow flight was flawless with both field points and

I have shot over 1000 arrows
from this Rest and it still looks brand new. All the parts are solid, well
finished and made to last, including the braided steal cable.  Since there is minimal contact between arrow
and the forks, the rubber coating should last for hundreds of shots. 

At $49.99 retail, throw in
NAP quality and engineering and you would be hard pressed to find any Drop Away
Rest comparable at twice the price.

Overall impression:

I would have to say that
this is one of the most, user-friendly, quietest Arrow Rest that I have ever
used. The pure simplicity of set-up and overall quality and dependability is
second to none.

For more information on this
rest, see your favorite New Archery Products retailer.  Additional information
can also be found at

New Archery Products
7500 Industrial Drive

Forest Park, IL

800-323-1279 – Phone
708-488-2515 – Fax


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