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Jason Balazs

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Easy Eye Wraps Evaluation

By Jason Balazs

Nov 23, 2005, 00:01

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Remember how much time it took to crest your arrows with
paint?  How about all the mess that was
made from dipping the shafts?  I used to
crest my arrows so the fletching would stick better.  But because of the cresting process, I could
never get the same amount of paint on each arrow, thus leaving me with un-equal
arrow weights.  What was needed was
something that was inexpensive, easy to apply, and would allow better fletching

 Well the folks at Easy Eye Archery Products have
taken the frustration out of cresting, with their EZE-Crest arrow wraps. These
waterproof wraps are made of a high performance vinyl, with an exclusive 3M
adhesive backing that works on Carbon, Wood, Aluminum, and Fiberglass
shafts.  The wraps come in two sizes:
1.325? X 7? for hunting arrows and 1.325? X 4? for 3D arrows.  As far as weight is concerned, the hunting
wraps are only 10.6 grains and the 3D wraps are 5 ?6 grains each, which leaves
each arrow weighing the same.  A great
thing about these wraps is it will improve adhesion by 10 times over gluing to
any style of shaft, and you can use any type of fletching adhesive that you
want. Also, the company states that they will last for three to five years.  Every package comes with detailed written and
pictured instructions for flawless application.

Before you begin, ensure you clean your arrows with
either acetone or alcohol, to ensure there are no oils or grease present.

First, peel the wrap off of the paper and lay the
sticky side up on a mouse-pad, or similar cushion type surface. Take your arrow
and align the nock end with the wrap. Then slide the arrow until it makes
contact with the wrap. This should be right below your nock of your arrow.  Once contact is made, move the main body of
the arrow up until it touches the wrap.

Step 1

Second, Press firmly and roll the arrow shaft across
the wrap pushing away from you.

STep 2

Step 3

Third, rub the arrow to ensure it is adhered to the
shaft completely, and you are done. In less than 30 seconds you have a crested

Done Deal as easy as 1, 2, 3.

 Ease of use: 5 out of 5

The pictures show the proof
on this one!! 

Affordability: 4.9 out of

During my 20 years of bow
hunting, I have gone through countless numbers of vanes and feathers due to the
glue not holding them on the arrow. Since the company states the wraps can last
from three to five years, the only way the fletching will fall off, is if you
were to shoot them off. It is well worth the initial $15.95 per dozen.

Durability: 5 out of 5

Like stated before, these
wraps will last for up to five years. 
They are tuff and will outlast any other wrap on the market. 


I can say that I am very
happy with the results that I received from these wraps.  I fletched up all of my arrows with Quick
spin vanes from New Archery Products using the Arizona E-Z Fletch from Arizona
Rim Country, and had 100% vane adherence to all the arrow shafts.  Not only will I be able to see my arrows when
in flight, but my arrows will look great, for that after shot picture!! 

If you would like more
information on the EZE- Crest Arrow wraps, send them an email or visit their web site at the address below.

 Web: www.eze-eye.com



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