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Jason Balazs

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Field Evaluation – BowFit Safari

By Jason Balazs

Aug 3, 2006, 10:36

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received the Safari Exerciser from Bowfit, to help my wife Jodi and I
get ready for our Elk hunt this fall.  My main concern was
ensuring that Jodi would be able to pull her bow back with out any
problem.  It is easy when you are in the back yard shooting at a
target. But add a 1000-pound animal out in front of you at 30 yards,
and you are in for a surprise.  

Jodi is no stranger to Elk hunting; this however, was the first time
that she was going to chase them with a bow.  For this reason, I
wanted to ensure that she would be able to pull the 50 pounds that her
Bowtech Equalizer was rated at.

Out of the box

There are three parts that make up the Safari Exerciser.

Strap-  The wrist strap is made from very tough webbed
nylon.  The part that goes around your wrist is covered with soft
leather that has the Bowfit logo on it.  Just below the loop
portion that goes around your wrist, is a metal eye guide (grommet?)
for the tubing to go through.  At the distal end away from the
loop, is where the rubber tubing is attached to the wrist strap.

The Safari tubing is made from a heavy-duty rubber that is made to
simulate the poundage of an 80-pound bow.  It measures 46 inches
long when stretched out from the wrist strap to the end.

Grip-  The grip is made from a 5 inch durable plastic tube that is covered with soft memory foam.  


 The Safari Exerciser is ready to use right out of the box. 
All you have to do is put the tube through the metal eye guide, put
your hand through the loop, place your hand on the grip, and pull

Wife Jodi gives it a try

When Jodi and I tested the Safari we tried different things. 
First I had Jodi pull the exerciser back for 20 reps with just the tube
through the eye guide. This was to get her used to pulling something
with considerable weight.  I wanted her to concentrate on proper
alignment of the exerciser, just like when she draws her bow. 
After she completed the repetitions, I had her draw and hold the
exerciser as long as she could.

She did this for 5 reps and you could tell that it was very physically
demanding.  Jodi is no stranger to exercise. As a matter of fact,
she has two half marathons under her belt and is training for a full
marathon this December.  The point being, she stated that she
really could feel the Bowfit working all of her back and arm muscles,
all in a quick 20-minute workout.  

Jason working it

I did the same workout that Jodi did except for the fact that I pulled
the extra tubing from behind the wrist strap down to the grip. 
Now I was pulling the force of three tubes, instead of two.  After
completing the first 20 reps of just pulling the Bowfit back and
letting off, I was tired.  When I pulled and held the weight, my
arms would start to shake until I could not hold it anymore.  I
could not think of a better way that I could work all of the muscles
that I needed for bowhunting, than by using the Bowfit.  

two weeks we would trade off.  One day we would shoot our
Bowtech’s, then the next we would do the Safari exerciser.  It was
amazing that after only two weeks, Jodi was able to turn up the
poundage on her Equalizer from 40 to 45 pounds.  I was able to
increase my Tribute’s weight up to 70lbs from 65.

Add a weight for more muscle building

next phase of the training program, was introduce a 5-pound weight into
the workout.  Since our Bowtech’s weigh about 5 pounds with the
sights, rests, quiver, and arrows, we figured this would be a great
simulation the real thing.  The only thing that was different with
this workout was the fact that we had a weight in our hand that was
also holding the grip.  After a week of doing this, we both were
able to hold our bows at full draw for longer periods of time.  

 In just three weeks, Jodi and I have been able to increase the
weight of our Bowtech’s, hold the bow at full draw, and obtain tighter
groups at over 40 yards.  All of this, because we were able to
build stamina and muscle, while getting a great workout with the Bowfit
Safari Exerciser. With that being said, they have my thumbs up!

Design 10 of 10 – The Bowfit Safari Exerciser is the perfect, “Why didn’t I think of that,” product.  

Quality 9.5 of 10 – The Safari is made from quality material that is built to last.

Ease of Use 10 of 10 – If you can look at a picture, then you can figure out how to use the Bowfit Safari Exerciser.

Price 9.5 of 10
– For $24.95 from It is well worth the little
bit of money you will spend to make sure you connect on that shot of a

To see the new BowFit Safari Exerciser:  BowFit


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