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Jason Balazs

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ASAT Field Evaluation

By Jason Balazs

Dec 14, 2005, 12:47

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            I have to admit; when I received the package of ASAT
camouflage I was not sure what to think of it. 
Jodi, my wife, and I were looking at the pattern wondering how it would
look in the woods.  I put the hat on and
looked in the mirror.  I tried to
envision every type of hunting environment that I would hunt in, and it came to
me.  Most camouflage is based off of
green and brown, but this one was more tan and looked like bare limbs.  Scientist?s have proven that deer see in
Black and white. What color does Green look like to you in black and white? The
answer is Grey.  Now keep this in mind,
because there are pictures here that will show you how well this camouflage
blends in.

            I received two types of ASAT camouflage outfits to
test.  First was the Leafy 3D
outfit.  This outfit is made of 100%
Polyester and is machine washable. The make up of this outfit is pants, jacket,
and facemask.  Now, let?s explain the 3D
effect.  The 3D effect is created by
sewing jaggedly cut ASAT camouflage material, using a chain stitch, to a mesh
shell that is also dyed with the ASAT pattern. 
Unlike any other camouflage pattern, ASAT is the only camouflage
company that actually prints their own pattern on the mesh.  This way when the wind blows, you are still
covered by the camouflage.  The jacket
has its own independent zipper and the cuffs of the sleeves close nice and
snug, since they are made of elastic. 
The pants portion of the suit had numerous things that I liked.  The legs have a very generous 22-inch zipper
that allowed even my 2000-gram Thinsulate boots, to slip through with
ease.  Also, the slits that are over each
pocket, allow easy access to your undergarments.  There is also a button fly, and we all no how
handy that is.  Last but not least, the
Visor Pro Face Mask finishes up the outfit. It fits over any ball cap that you
wear and has a cable lock that allows for a custom fit, without interfering
with your peripheral vision. 
This suit was designed to
fit over any layering you’ll want to wear underneath, scent control suits,
raingear, severe weather clothing, or just your shorts.

            The second outfit I was given was
the long sleeved field shirt and 6 pocket BDU pants.  Both items are made of 100% brushed cotton
and are very durable. The shirt has two flap pockets for anything that you will
need to store.  The 6 pocket BDU Pants
have double material seats and knees, this way you can be guaranteed they will
last a long time.  With the waist
adjusters, you have an 8-inch window to adjust the waist size to.  Also, you can tie the bottom of the legs
around your ankles to ensure that no pesky critters climb up your leg.  The 6 pocket pants are great places to store your
grunt call, or even your gloves and facemask.

             Once I washed the ASAT in some Wildlife
Research?s Scent Killer, I was in the woods. 
I purposely put my stand on the side of a pine tree and climbed up 20
feet, which is the normal height that I hunt from.  This was a morning hunt, and I sat there
hoping I would see deer. At 6:30 A.M. my prayers were answered when a tall six
point came walking in my direction from a thicket in front of me.  The deer stopped at about 30 yards and looked
at some scrapes, then he did like every mature buck does, and scanned the
area.  Not seeing anything that alerted
him, he started walking.  I remember
standing up, grabbing my bow, and getting ready.  Usually I draw my bow when a buck is behind a
tree, but since I was testing this camouflage, I wanted to really ?Test?
it.  The plan was, to have the buck come
into this line of scrapes and turn broadside. 
Well, that was the plan and like so many other hunts that did not
happen.  With the buck 6 yards away and
coming right at me, I drew.  The buck did
not even skip a beat and was almost under me. At four yards the arrow hit its
mark.  I sat back and thought, ?Man this
stuff is awesome!?  That buck was only at
four yards!!

            The next day, Jodi and I went out
into the woods with the camera in hand. We took both sets of camouflage with us
to take a lot of pictures.  I also wanted
to throw a wrench into the process by testing another name brand 3D suit that I
had.  This way we could compare
photographs and see how the outline is broken up.

  I wanted to ensure that we
took pictures in all aspects of areas that a person could hunt in.  Now remember, deer see in black and white,
Right? Well, the pictures tell it all. 
The camouflage does what it is supposed to do, break up your outline.
Oh, and notice the name brand camouflage in black and white, I stick out like a
sore thumb, while Jodi is blended perfectly.

Jodi’s head stands out but not her body.

Does the higher priced brand work that much better?

Durability: 5 out of 5


From ASAT – Brush


From ASAT – West

            While I was dragging my buck out of the
woods, I ran into vines that could flatten a tractors tire. Even though I was
hung up, the camouflage never grabbed or ripped.  The quality of the material is outstanding
and will last a long time.

Affordability: 4.5 out of 5

With the 3D suit being an average of about $135.00
and the field jacket and pants being about $72.00, it is average among most
camouflage patterns on the market.


I am
very impressed with ASAT and their camouflage pattern. I believe that as
hunters, we are all driven to think that camouflage needs to be green, but as
the folks at ASAT state, ?I
f green was such a great camo color, the
Good Lord would have made deer, rabbits, quail, hen pheasants, and so on
Makes you think doesn?t it? Well this is how confident the folks at ASAT
are in their product,
they offer you this unparalleled guarantee…”Wear
ASAT exclusively for
one year, and if you don’t see more game than you ever have wearing anything
else… we’ll buy it back .GUARANTEED!”  Where in ANY
industry would a company offer such a guarantee if their product didn’t work?
With that being said, they have my thumbs up!!

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