Talking in the Field

By Anne Vinnola Oct 14, 2008 – 5:47:04 AM Motorola Talkabout? Technical communication devices are getting more and more impressive. Take the new Motorola Talkabout? EM1000R two-way radios for instance. These radios have a 20 mile range and are compact and lightweight so even your smaller family members can carry it with ease. What about […]

What Ever Happened to the Lost Park Buffalo?

What Ever Happened to the Lost Park Buffalo?

Mystery and legend surrounds the last days of the Lost Park Mountain Buffalo herd. These graceful beasts roamed beautiful green mountain valleys for many years and were a proud species that residents cherished and hunters prized. The Lost Park Buffalo ranged in the Tarryall Mountains of Colorado and were driven to extinction early in the […]

Field Care Tips for Wild Turkeys

Field Care Tips for Wild Turkeys

So you are heading out for a gorgeous day of turkey hunting. Are you prepared for having your turkey mounted by a taxidermist? Many turkey hunters don’t go past the kill part of their planning, they assume they are just going for the meat and are not prepared when a trophy walks into shooting view. […]

To Score or Not to Score

To Score or Not to Score

Frequently our taxidermy studio resembles an old time feed store, with friendly, excited people hanging around telling their hunting stories, photos and sharing bits of wisdom. Hunters are proud of their animals and love to show them off. Each animal  coming in the door is a trophy to someone , be it the first spike […]

Why Yes, I DO Shoot Like a Girl!

Why Yes, I DO Shoot Like a Girl!

Growing up it never really occurred to me to go hunting or shooting for recreation. Hunting was something my dad and his friends did while my mom and sister and I viewed his hunting trips as a time to check out new restaurants. I am sure my dad would have enjoyed taking us along but […]

Bowhunter’s Field Evaluation – Darton Pro Series 3500SD

By Anne Vinnola May 27, 2010 Happy Anniversary Darton Archery! 2010 marks the 60th Anniversary of Darton Archery. Leading the industry throughout the years with technical advances far above the competition, Darton keeps making products that impress the archery world and this Pro Series 3500 SD is no exception! I want a bow that is […]

Bowhunter’s Field Evaluation – 5-Hour Energy Drink

By Anne Vinnola Apr 10, 2009 On a long road trip to South Dakota for a pheasant hunt my friend Kirstie and I were getting tired. We had been fighting snowy road conditions for many hours. I dug around in the cooler and found a couple of energy drinks. After drinking these?ok, choking them down […]

Bowhunter’s Field Evaluation – BowFit DVD and ArcheryFit DVD

By Anne Vinnola Jul 5, 2009 Injury stalled my budding bowhunting career last year. Part of the trouble with my back and shoulder began with a nasty fall down the stairs. While recuperating from that mess, I thought I was getting strong enough to continue learning to shoot my new bow. I quickly found that […]

Pheasant Phun!

By Anne Vinnola Jan 11, 2009 – Anne, Kirstie and Keli. Just three ladies having fun. (left to right) I was recently invited to go to South Dakota pheasant hunting and what a trip it was! Kirstie Pike the President of Prois Hunting Apparel, Kelli Van Cleave, and I went as Prois Hunting Apparel Pro […]

Prois Hunting Pants and Shirts for Women

By Anne Vinnola Sep 22, 2008 Prois Hunting Pants and Shirts Ask any woman hunter and she will tell you the most difficult part of her hunting wardrobe to find are well fitting, hard working, layerable hunting pants and shirts. Some mainstream clothing companies are slowly beginning to work women’s sizes into their lines, but […]

The Vinnola’s Try the Airow Gun

By Anne Vinnola Jun 18, 2008 Daughter Kelley gives it a shot and confirms Mom. This is really fun. Now, about all those yellow splats. What a Blast! There were many items at the Shot Show in February, interesting to write about, but the Bowtech Airow Gun stopped me in my tracks. It was one […]

Bowhunter’s Field Evaluation – Why You Should Own Pro Ears

By Ann Vinnola Dec 11, 2007 Recently I was invited to the Ridgeline factory in Westcliffe, Colorado to meet the staff and see just what makes the ProEars Electronic ear muffs the very best in hearing protection. ProEars technology was first developed 16 years ago by CEO Dan Nigro, who while shooting competitively, began experiencing […]