Austrailian Hunt – Day 9
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Austrailian Hunt – Day 9

By Dr. Paul Plante

Sep 28, 2006, 13:51

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August 10th, the last full day of the hunt, what a fiasco it turned out to be. After getting up and leaving early, we spent nearly four and half hours constantly stalking herds of cows to get Andrew within 40 yards of a management cow. Although Andrew can shoot accurately much further then that, it just seems getting that close is a real challenge. After miles of walking and stalking multiple herds unsuccessfully, we finally gave up and started the long trek back to the truck only to find a cow and a bull within a few hundred yards of the vehicle.

After short stalk and stealthy moves, Andrew was within 35 yards. A perfectly placed broadside shot and he had another one shot trophy. A quick picture and cleaning session and we were off to find me a bull with the bow.

Andrew on stalk

We stopped and had lunch on a river bank while we soaked the cape in the cool creek water to get the temperature down and clean it off. After driving around a large swamp, we parked the vehicle for yet another long hike. We found multiple bulls but could not get close enough for a shot till the last one on that particular jaunt. It was absolutely amazing.

Long story short, I got within six yards of a big bull and had him broadside of course with his vitals behind a tree. All I needed was one more step and he was mine. He took the step but then turned directly toward me with the front of his chest behind a large bush. I had no shot and was watching the hairs on his lips move at 10 feet.

Simon was to my left with his unloaded gun on the ground and the camera in his hands pointing at the bull but not daring to take a photo which would likely draw us a charge.

The bull had us if he wanted. He could have cleaned both of our clocks in one fell swoop but he finally caught our scent a trotted off not giving me any opportunity for a shot. Even Andrew who was watching this unfold silently at less then 20 yards told me later that the bull was way to close that time.

The rest of the afternoon was literally the same. We stalked no less then a half a dozen shootable bulls to no avail and I can’t even blame it on the wind. We had good wind most of the time. It seemed to always be something from stray cows to pissed off bigger bulls to twigs breaking or as simple as the bull taking the wrong path which put a few bushes between us. To say we were frustrated would be an understatement but that is hunting sometimes.

We came back to camp, cleaned up, had dinner and packed all we could. The plan was too hunt till about one pm and get back to camp by two to be ready to meet the charter plane by four pm to get us back to Gove.

Final day tomorrow.


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