Austrailian Hunt – Day 8
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Austrailian Hunt – Day 8

By Dr. Paul Plante

Sep 27, 2006, 09:00

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The eighth day of the hunt and after arising early and having breakfast we left for the day. We made our way all the way to the ocean by midday on another glorious day. On the way there we spent two hours slowly stalking all the way around a very large swampy billabong surrounded by tall weeds. Andrew almost had a shot on a huge boar but it caught our scent and disappeared.

After reaching the ocean, we had lunch right there on this grand beach that looks as if it had never been set foot on by man. The only exception is the miles of fishing nets that over the years have washed up and become tangled in all the trees. They have come all the way across the ocean from Indonesia I was told.

After lunch, we went to try to locate me a good bull to stalk or a good huntable cow for Andrew. For the first time, we could not locate a suitable bull to shoot with a broad head so over the afternoon we stalked two different bulls for fun. To me it is just as exciting to stalk in that close to these massive animals no matter if you are going to shoot them or not.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon stalking one herd of females after another for Andrew but to no avail. They ended up picking us up each and every time and bolting.

As we started to lose sunlight, we headed home just as the full moon started to rise and on the way home we passed one big bull after another, it was amazing how many we saw.

We ended coming home empty handed but Craig had taken a very nice bull earlier in the day and Ann had seen the first snake of the whole trip which was a green tree snake. After a much needed shower and dinner it was bed time. The plan is a repeat of today but we will collect Andrew’s cow in the am and concentrate on a bull for the bow after that.


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