Austrailian Hunt – Day 4
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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 – 18:37:03

Austrailian Hunt – Day 4

By Dr. Paul Plante

Sep 22, 2006, 09:15

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On the morning of 8/04, the plan was to go shark fishing or resume trolling but the seas were getting bigger with the increasing winds so we packed up all the gear and gave the leeward side of the island a quick try for some sharks. That futile attempt only resulted in two bites and ever increasing waves so we headed back to the beach and loaded the boat for the sure to be very wet ride back home. Actually, the ride home was much worse then expected because we quickly found ourselves in five foot seas in a 20 foot aluminum boat. The spray pelted Simon and I for 15 grueling miles while we shook from the inevitable bone chilling cold mixture of water and heavy winds.

Finally, we made it back to the river where we stopped to rest and warm up. While we were stopped, we started casting large deep diving plugs into a mangrove overgrown creek that flowed into the river. In a short period of time, we had caught two small barracudas and two nice Barramundis, of course with Andrew catching the largest one as usual both of which were destined for dinner that evening. After our rest, we headed back to the landing while Andrew safely piloted the boat back up the river. We secured the boat onto a mud flat and headed back to camp for a shower, lunch and a rest before heading out in the afternoon to hunt. This time, things were expected to be different since the constant heavy winds would tip the favor in my odds of getting within bow distance of a nice Australian water buffalo.

Simon picked us up at the tent at 4 pm and we headed out again. Within 30 minutes, we had already located small bands of cows with calves and young bulls spread out in the scrub. The wind was holding as planned and continued to blow. As we made our way down a dusty, bumpy path, we saw a lone old female that was feeding in the dense underbrush. As we drove right past, Simon mentioned that, that particular situation would be a perfect opportunity to begin the bow hunt on the right foot.

Exactly who is looking at whom?

 200 yards later he pulled over and off we went with the wind perfect for a stalk. I sneaked in to less then 30 yards on my knees that gave me a semi broadside shot through a narrow window in the underbrush. I put the release on and stood and drew my BowTech at the same time and found my mark. The Carbon Express arrow struck a few inches back from the aim point and went right through with the NAP RazorCaps. We immediately thought it was all over when she fell 15 seconds later. Then she got up and walked off crossing a ravine at the end of small water hole as if nothing had happened. So I followed silently directly behind her as the wind was still good and nocked another arrow. She turned to face me just as I tried to imitate a bird noise. The angle was not good but it was now or never so I let the second arrow fly at 20 yards with a complete pass through the liver.

Careful stalking pays off but not without some anxious moments.

She turned slightly away so I dashed behind the brush and made my way down an embankment behind her and to the left. Just as I got into position to place a third arrow at 7 paces, she saw me and lunged at me so I jumped over the embankment grapping a large tree hanging over the waterhole. She turned her head looking in the direction of where Simon and Andrew were waiting some 35 yards ahead and as she did, I came to full draw at 10 yards and passed the arrow through her heart and lungs. She collapsed within seconds and was gone.

Done, a nice water buffalo takes the dive.

But before I could feel the elation, I began to experience sharp pains diffusely over my whole body from my groin up to my head. I was being bitten every where by green tree ants. I happened to grab onto the one tree in the area that they called home and they swarmed all over me getting into all my clothes. As I ran up the embankment, I was quickly shed all my clothes and attempted to kill the ants with my flaying arms. After the amusement that I gave Simon, he congratulated me and we began the picture and cleaning chores. We all remarked on how the BowTech Allegiance along with the Carbon Express arrows and NAP RazorCaps performed flawlessly on this half ton animal with three complete pass throughs. It just seems on dangerous game the more arrows you can get into the animal at close range the more exciting, thrilling and dangerous the whole experience becomes plus it puts them down faster.

We went back to camp to finish the caping process and get ready for the morning hunt. I literally just washed of the Terminator Hunter arrows and resharpened the RazorCap broad heads and put them back into the quiver. We had an early dinner and went to bed with only seven more days of hunting left.

Day 5, another day of adventure next.


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