Austrailian Hunt – Day 3
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Austrailian Hunt – Day 3

By Dr. Paul Plante

Sep 21, 2006, 06:51

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We awoke on 8/03/06 to a clear, still and high 60’s morning with the same chorus of birds playing for us. The two boats were transported down to the river the day before, loaded with everything we needed to make the 15 mile offshore fishing and camping trip. The type of fishing to be done was explained to us and let’s just says they fish somewhat differently here. Frequently, they tie a large shark hook to an anchor rope that is secured to the stern of the boat and hand pull these behemoths in as they lurch the boat in all directions. After a quick breakfast and packing a few clothes to stay overnight we were off on another part of out adventure.

We reached the boats in a short 20 minute drive, loaded the remaining gear and we were all off to the island. Craig and Ann Field who are long time hunting companions of mine joined us in the boat with Simon while Bill, Craig’s guide and Gadea, a sweet 17 year old girl from Spain who has been helping out around camp were in the other boat. It took another 20 minutes to reach the mouth of the river where it dumps into the ocean and while on the way we saw numerous crocs with one being over 15 feet which quickly disappeared back into the murky river water from his muddy sunning spot. Onward we went for another hour heading to the barely visible island across a vast shallow expanse of turquoise clear water.

Paul loved the diversion of catching sharp toothed ‘cuda

Once we arrived, it was breath taking. A multitude of islands were in a chain like formation and some where connected by small strips of sand. No evidence that anyone else had ever been there existed, not even a boat was in sight the whole time. We unloaded the gear on the fine sand beach that was just littered with large shells. The beach had ocean front on both sides since it was between two of the connected islands.

After a quick shell hunt and picture session, Simon, Andrew and myself went fishing in one of the boats and it wasn’t long before we had a nice Queen fish in the boat taken by trolling large silver spoons on a hand line. We proceeded to the front of the neighboring island and bottom fished in 10 feet of water and started catching our dinner of Golden Snapper.

Once that was accomplished, we resumed trolling but this times with rod and reels which proved to be worthwhile since Andrew caught the biggest fish of his life without any assistance from anyone else. It turned out to be a smoking 50 pound Barracuda. What an acrobatic show it performed before succumbing to Andrew’s persistence. Back to the beach we went with yet another prize of Andrew’s that he desperately needed to show off to everyone.

That evening we cooked the snapper on an open fire and then returned to our tents for the rest of the night. During the night, the wind started to pick up appreciatively to the point that it collapsed our tent right on top of Andrew and me so we slept with a tent on top of us.

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