Austrailian Hunt – Day 2
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Austrailian Hunt – Day 2

By Dr. Paul Plante

Sep 20, 2006, 16:32

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We awoke on 8/2/06 to a cool and slightly fogged in morning with a variety of birds providing us with a melody of music. We all had had a very restful night of needed sleep.

Andrew and Dylan dwarfed by this termite mound

After a quick breakfast we loaded up into the vehicles and headed out for the morning hunt. The fog burnt off around 9 am and the intense sun started beating down on us unrelentingly. The plan was to hunt the am and then return to camp since Elspeth was to meet a charter plane that was going to drop off the .308 rifle for Andrew to use. We ran into not one or two but three very mature bulls throughout the morning that scored in the low 90’s. We spent near about an hour and half on each of them stalking them trying to get into bow range.

Every one of the stalks involved sliding and crawling through the grass in between the short and scattered trees and termite mounds.  I tried to stay as flat as possible all the while attempting to keep the bow with an arrow nocked in a safe position. All three stalks were blown in the end by the early am swirling winds although on one of the buffalo I charged up to within fifteen yards of him just as he got our wind and bolted. We didn’t capitalize on any of the attempts but what a great intense morning. And I must say that the all too familiar sound of Simon’s large bore gun’s bolt being quietly cycled while loading a cartridge as a safety precaution gave me a sense of security as I  closed the distance to these almost 2000 pound animals with nothing but a bow in hand.

Bow in hand Paul careful stalks as this wary bull keeps a good eye on him

Back to camp and a quick lunch before Andrew test fired the .308 rifle. Then we made the plans to leave in the am to a remote, uninhabited offshore island to fish for a variety of species for a couple of days. Around 4 pm, we left out for the evening hunt bringing Dillon along also. It wasn’t that long before we located a mature bull bedded down that Andrew could give a try at harvesting.

Andrew nails this bull with a .308 to make him the youngest ever to do so, without a back up shot fired.

In this scenario, hunting with a .308 is very similar to hunting with a bow. You must be close and have the right angle on the animal to make that lethal shot. Well the stalk went just like the ones in the am, long and drawn out with a lot of crawling and waiting for the buffalo to make a mistake. Finally after an hour and only moving fifty yards, Andrew made a perfect angling away shot that dropped the ancient heavy horned bull in his tracks. No other shots were fired except for Andrew’s insurance spine shot which made Andrew the youngest person Simon has known to ever take a buffalo by them self without any back up shots. Andrew was elated at his success and marveled at the size of this monarch. After the mandatory picture session, we cleaned the buffalo and headed home in the dark to a nice evening and dinner with a lot of anticipation for fishing trip in the am.

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