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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 – 18:37:03

ATSKO Sport-Wash Washes Odors Away

By Wade P. Nolan

Jun 17, 2006, 11:04

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All deer hunters are seeking ways to be more effective in the
whitetail woods. When you are trying to fool the best nose in the
business it pays to eliminate residual odors that reside in our hunting
cloths. Here is where the science behind ATSKO SPORT-WASH detergent can
make a difference. Independent testing laboratories at the Clemson
University School of Textiles, Fibers & Polymer Science have
confirmed that only SPORT-WASH cleans your camo and then completely
rinses out, leaving your cloths free of smelly detergent

SPORT-WASH passed the test ? all others failed.

SPORT-WASH Carbon Care uses science to attach to the odor molecules
that are captured by the carbon in your scent suppression suit. Then
the water can pull the odor molecule away in the rinse cycle. Only
Carbon Care can restore the effectiveness of your carbon suit. Wash
your carbon suit in any other detergent and you will coat the carbon in
detergent residue? and you?re finished.

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